i've been knitting & boy does it feel good.
this is a baby sweater for my little cousin. i used the knitting pure & simple neckdown baby cardigan pattern. the size is 18 months, but when i first looked at it i wasn't sure if it was big enough. it seems like it's been such a long time since lil miss could fit in something this small.

i'm currently looking for a new project to start. it's been so cold lately that i've been tempted to start another sweater. i do need a new cardi in my life.



stephanie japel's therapi pattern in the new knitty.

also in the new knitty is norah gaughan's surface.  love the bobbly texture of this sweater.

i miss knitting for me.  that's gonna change.  gotta cast on something even it's something as little as a headband.
i've been making a dent in my bead stash lately.

the yellow strand is the waistbeads i made for myself.

right now, i'm using seed beads, some african trade beads, cowries, and some other beads that's in my stash (don't know what they are called). i'm pleased with the results so far and will be making a ton more.


the weekend just sped by. lately, when saturday eve rolls around the depression rolls in & i think about how after sunday i have to go back to work. i dread walking into that office everyday. it's not a happy place for me.

this weekend, lil miss & i put up the christmas tree. we also baked cupcakes.
i started a pair of socks & anutha neckwarmer.
i was recently diagnosed with having slight carpal tunnel in both hands. i'm not in any pain (thank god), just getting the tingley/numbness of the hands thing. after this retail season is done, i plan on closing shop for a couple of months.
i've started beading. i figure i could save so much money if i make my own jewelry so that's what i'm doing. so far, i've made some waistbeads and a couple of wrap-around bracelets.

i will post up some pics soon.
i pray all is well with you.


today's a new day & i'm feeling better.
i got some decisions to make tho.
can't keep living like this.

have a blessed day all.


lord help me get thru this thing i'm going thru.

i'm feeling...
like i want to jump outta my skin.

spoke to my brother today and he said that once he would love to hear that "i am great" when he asks how i'm doing. i'm alright. okay. keeping my head above water. i'm want to be GREAT too.

i've got tons of ideas & don't know what to do with them.
i know what direction i want to go in but don't know how to get there.
i sound like a broken record.
i feel alone, but @ the same time i want to be by myself.



it's been so cold lately. really cold. i have to say i wasn't prepared for it. but when am i ever prepared for it. i'm looking forward to some snow cuz this place looks downright depressing without it.

i've managed to catch a cold. this is not the time to be getting sick. i've got two weeks to make as much product as possible before my next school term starts.

anyway i'm making flower brooches these days. it's an easy way to use up scrap yarn.

i'm going to rest myself now. goodnite.


i'm compiling a list of things i want to do. ya know, the type of things you always tell yourself you're gonna do, but then chicken out. well, i know i'm missing out on some great opportunities. so i'm gonna give it a shot.

two things on the list that i've just started:
taking a sign language class (offered thru my job)
participate in nanowrimo - i signed up today!

to be continued...


my favorite corner


listening to: stay a little while child.loose ends

i've been:
crocheting scarves & knitting neckwarmers
watching the snow fall (yes, it has started already)
reading stories to lil miss
settling into the new place
enjoying itunes 8.0 genius app
laughing with friends
eating too much junk
experimenting with different loc styles (i got length yay!)
drinking matcha green tea
planning my next move
making lists
applying for craft fair space
wondering where the time has gone
losing my mind in our new target store (alaska don't know what's hit it)


made dinner tonite. bbq tofu, marinated kale greens, scallop potatoes, and black beans. i eat black beans all the time. gotta switch it up a bit.

i've spent the day cleaning and washing clothes. i'm still not finished and it's almost 10:30. i gotta fit homework in the mix too. depression is a bitch and i'm still wondering if it's real. will it go away? am i making this up? when i don't complete something or perform my best, i feel worse. so i'm doing my best to be gentle with myself. doing my best to pat myself on the back for the little things i accomplish. it's so easy to focus on the negative and i definitely notice a difference when i focus on the positive.

sometimes i wonder how much i should share in this space. then sometimes i think it shouldn't matter. it doesn't i guess.

i'm blabbing now. gotta wash the dishes and put a fresh set of sheets on the bed.



my apartment is beginning to feel like home. my parents came over last nite and helped me unpack a lot of boxes. without them, i'd be unpacking until november. god bless them. they are so amazing.

the snow has begun to fall on the mountains (it's so pretty) and there's a little chill in the air. but the sun is shining (thank goodness after so much rain) and the grass is still green. it's a beautiful day people.

may you enjoy your saturday! have a great weekend.


we've been in our place for three days. lil miss is so thrilled. i am too. there's so much work to be done and i think it'll take at least a month before i get all of my boxes unpacked. i'm looking forward to that though cuz i want to decorate my space so badly. i saw the potential before all of the boxes were put in the living room. i have a room for my yarn and things. i'm excited about that too.

it's getting dark at nite nowadays. it's always a strange transition - you get used to the extremely long days and then one day you look out of your window and it's dark. i like this time of year. the moon and stars show themselves again and it's like reuniting with old friends. the leaves have started to turn colors and the mountains are covered in purple, yellow, and green.

this is a time of transition. i found my sacred woman & heal thyself books. i am definitely going to do a cleanse. i feel empowered these days.


i am so thankful to the most high!

ladies (& gentleman?), i got the apartment! i made a list of what i wanted in a place before i moved (three bedrooms was on that list). i haven't really thought about it since but got exactly what was on the list. i was looking at two bedroom apartments because those were what i could afford. lil miss and i drove up to this place and she/we fell in love. i looked at the two bedroom, wanted it, knew i was going to get it, and then the owners told me they rented it. but then they offered to rent me their three bedroom for the same price. i got the official call today and we're moving this weekend!

i have been beaming all day. i couldn't wait to get lil miss from school so i could tell her the news. posting around these parts will be sparse for a few weeks until we get settled. i want to thank everyone who put out some good energy for me. it's so appreciated!

peace & blessings.


listening to: wild wild wild is the wind.suzi analogue

this has been an interesting day. i went to bed last nite not feeling well. i woke up to my head in a cloud and my throat sore. lil miss has started to cough. we're both getting a cold. i felt worse as the day went on, but stayed at work to finish an online class.

this was my fourth time taking this class (need a 100% to pass) and today was the last day to complete it. i was leaving early to head to a dr's appt (gotta get to the bottom of this acne breakout) so i gathered up my book to complete the last test at home.

i had been praying for a week that this dr's visit wasn't going to cost a lot. i brought the money i had and just kept praying. when that woman told me all i had to pay was my $15 co-pay, i almost screamed with excitement.

my head's still in a fog and i almost forgot to take the last test for my class. once again, i prayed. prayed that i would pass (you get three chances, i was already on the second) this time. i just finished and PASSED! i couldn't help but cry. that's one stress off of my shoulders.

i'm going to sleep good tonite.


peace peace peace
love love love

fall is on its way and i'm wondering what's in store for me. i saw the most beautiful apartment the other day. even lil miss was in love. the apartment hunt is coming to an end tho. there is a friend of a friend that is willing to rent to me (yay!), however, i have yet to see the place so i don't know if it will work for us. we'll see tho.

feeling good these days. i've been inspired by a bunch of creative folks i've been finding online. the creative juices have been flowing and it feels good (it's been a while). currently making some neckwarmers (i think i'm going to keep one for myself this time).

lil miss is loving school. the first week had completely wiped her out. i'd find her asleep on the couch before 6pm and she'd sleep thru the nite. i think she's adjusted now.

enjoy the day y'all. love love.



i'm back in school. lil miss starts school on tuesday.
i can feel the seasons change. it'll be fall soon.
i started going thru my storage. it's time to release the old and i'm ready.
my face is breaking out sumthin awful. it's never been this bad before.
maybe it's time for that detox i've been talking about forever.

the last few weeks have been one of inner reflection. a lot of changes need to happen. i've always known it, but wasn't ready to face it. i am now.

i hope you all have a great weekend.
remember to take care of yourself.


dude. i need a vacation.

i'm draggin ass this morning and it's probably because i haven't done any yoga in a few days. i finally got all of my paperwork for school turned in so i'm registered now (transferring to a new school). lil miss will be registered today. i hope she has a good day since she got four shots (two in each leg) yesterday. she's getting so big and soon she won't want me to walk her to class (ive been thru that with babygirl already. it was horrible).

for now, i'm going to get into the shower and dream about being on a tropical island. maybe that'll wake me up?


i'm still on the apartment hunt. *sigh*

school is starting in a few weeks for me and lil miss. my baby's going to kindegarten. it will be a new chapter for both of us. i will probably go underground until i'm finished with these classes. who knows. through it all, i know i gotta maintain a routine. a routine that include eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

i've been getting up the last four days and working on my sun salutations. it's doing wonders for my energy in the mornings! today, someone thought i was wearing heels because i was standing taller. my body feels strong and i feel great.

more later.


listening to: liberation.outkast

i've got color schemes in my head. i'm putting madd energy out into the universe-i will get that apartment. i can't wait to decorate my new space. my office moved to a new location this week and i now have my very own office (i got a door!) to decorate. i really want to make it reflect me, but i also want it to be peaceful. it will be my refuge when folks are workin' my nerves. ha!

i just purchased some beautiful notecards from essimar. i think i will frame them and hang them up. i love her use of color (i'm not afraid of color or bold prints) and her paper animals are pretty dope too.

so i've got color schemes in my head. wool in my hands. my eyes to the stars.



i'm feeling extremely grateful today. the rain keeps falling so that means i will keep playing with wool.

hug someone today!


i saw an apartment today. it's a 4-plex that faces a wooded area. the owner said that they get visited by moose and even some bears (bears seem to be more and more common on my side of town). i'm very excited about that. i love my animals and i especially love nature. the apartment itself was really cute. it's a lot smaller than what i had, but i realize that i probably won't find a two bedroom apartment as big and roomy as the three bedroom i had.  plus there's nothing wrong with downsizing.  i will just have to release some stuff and that's never a bad thing.  

i was roaming etsy recently and found the perfect butterfly necklace.

it's hand-tooled leather and is made by sunny rising. please check out this sista's stuff. her flower and koi necklaces look so real. there is so much talent oozing from this woman. she also has a blog.

have a great nite.


my hands hurt. i've been knitting for the last two hours. there's a fair coming up in 3 weeks i've decided to particpate in it at the last minute. so i'm making some new stuff for it. i never feel ready for these things. even up until the few minutes the fair is open, i worry about not having enough stuff. pre-show jitters...i hate them.

anyway, the sun has been on hiatus and it really feels like we won't have a real summer. it feels like fall most days and i want to break out my scarves. but who knows, maybe our summer will start a little late and winter will be delayed? i'm just rambling. i got a lot on my brain and should probably go to bed.

my office is moving to a new space so the whole week i will be packing. we are getting friday off so the movers can come in and do their thing. my day is already planned - a massage in the morning and then the lunchtime yoga class i've been telling myself i'm going to take for months now. i may even go back to the spinning/weaving studio and buy some more roving.

well, i'm off to bed.


listening to: fellowship.meshell n'degeocello

so here's the fruit of my spinning labor. there are lots of thick and thin parts (which i like) and the thin parts have way too much twist in them. it's all a learning process right? i'm going to buy some more fiber so i can have enough yarn to make a neckwarmer.

not a lot is going on this weekend. i have an order to get out in the mail and i must finish the cotton scarf i've been working on for a week now.

hope your weekend is a good one.


i had an itch to spin the other day. my wheel is in storage and i couldn't find my spindle. so what did i do? i found a spinning and weaving studio and almost went nuts with all the toys and fibery goodness that was there. i was good though and only bought what i needed.

new spindle

merino roving

merino spun up

i finished spinning the merino last nite. i soaked them in warm water to set the twist. it's drying now, but when i look at it one word comes to mind, "ugly". lol. it's really not that bad. i realize that i'm a beginner and there is lots to learn. i will be paying a visit to the library to check out some books on the subject (will be watching a lot of youtube vids too).


my mama had a fish fry. the regular crew came by and spent the day with us. it was lovely. it didn't rain like the weatherman said it would. instead the clouds parted and we had lots of sun and it got really hot. my daughter said it was 75 degrees. we were all on the patio and i fell asleep on the lounger listening to my mama and her friends gossip. that type of stuff brings back childhood memories.

it was a splendid day.


i've been thinking about summer...and fall too. basically, what types of things to create for the late summer, early fall seasons.

i went to michael's and was compelled to buy crochet thread. thought a nice scarf/wrap would be nice. so i cast on 90 stitches on a size 9 needle. 20 rows into it and i'm like, "what the fuck am i doing?" it's going to take FOR. EVER. although the fabric feels absolutely amazing, i will be ripping that baby out. i will probably start over with a size 11 needle, double the thread up, and cut the amount of stitches by half.

stay tuned.


everyday i wonder how much more i can take. on most days i feel: suffocated, beat down, hopeless, tired, and unsure. but then i'll see two swallows playing with each other while in flight or hear my daughter's laugh and i feel better.

but really though. when will the financial struggle end? the next several months will prove to be difficult. i will be working my full-time job, going to school, and possibly be working a part-time job (in addition to being creative and selling my works?) now i realize there are single mamas out there doing that and then some, but i just wonder how? it seems impossible.

i'm learning to breathe. i'm taking deep breaths to help ease the panic. i'm praying. i give thanks and take time out to appreciate the things around me.

it's gonna get better. it just has to.


i don't usually watch the bet awards, but last nite i was flipping thru channels and stumbled upon it in time to see the tribute to al green.

all i gotta say is...maxwell baby, seeing you step on stage was a nice surprise. your voice still makes me weak in the knees. i love you.


i went to a consignment shop i discovered the other day and found this amazing dress. it's made in thailand and has a fabulous tulip pattern on it. i don't know what the name of this dress is called, but what i do know is...I NEED MORE OF THEM! it was love at first sight i tell ya.


i am sore. on saturday, lil miss and i participated in the alaska run for women. it's a five mile race that raises money for breast cancer research. i did it with my mom this year and was so empowered afterward. this year, i was left feeling the same way. it was cloudy and a little rainy that morning and everytime i felt like quitting a woman would walk by me with a "in memory of..." sign on her back. i'm quite astonished over how many names i saw during my walk. it's just another reminder that i need to take better care of my body. lil miss was my other motivator. that kid walked three miles on her own (i am so glad i brought the stroller). we turned the race into a nature walk by looking at flowers and identifying birds. we had a lot of fun.

my little girl is coming up on her 5th birthday. i can't believe it's been that long. it feels like she's been with me forever. we're in the middle of planning her party and when asked what she wanted she said, "first, i want a birthday cake because you have to have a birthday cake on your birthday." she went through the rest of her list and then said, "mom, i don't have much fingers to count on, do you have much fingers to count on?" she's a trip i tell ya and i love her to pieces.

i hope you all had a great weekend. and i hope you have an even better week!


it's finished.


i started a new project to get my creative juices flowing. it's called "a project a day". basically, i'm going to make one thing everyday. so far it's gotten off to a rocky start. i've made three things (one i didn't even take a picture of). i was way off track once the weekend hit. so i've started anew this week.

using what's in my stash, i made a clutch. it's not completely finished because it needs some kind of closure. i'm thinking this would be the perfect item to learn how to put a zipper in. it's been suggested that i just do some sort of button closure on it. after taking this photo, i did make a little button closure flap. will take pictures of that once i re-center it (that's what i get for sewing in the dark!). i like how it turned out.

i've been playing with my hair a lot lately. now that i finally have some length, i can do different styles. i've been wanting to curl my hair for a while now and my girl gave me the answer. lock loops.

i love them. they are easy to use and what's even better is that i can sleep on them (that's the first time that's ever happened).

more to come! peace.


this weekend was all about:

sex and the city
sweatin' on the dance floor
the oceans festival
lil miss & her new rainbow tutu
kung fu panda (it's so great!)
mimosas and sunday brunch with my girls


listening to: who's gonna save my soul.gnarls barkley

the latest gnarls barkley is so yummy. actually, cee-lo's voice is the yummy part. i love him.

i haven't been as productive as i would like. i'm still getting used to being back at home with the folks. we're all getting into a groove now, so it's not as bad as it was when we first moved in. but still, i find myself spending a lot of time in bed, staring out the window.

lil miss has been coaxing me outdoors by going on walks around the neighborhood. there's a park in the 'hood too, so i've been taking her there. the park has two large ponds and a hilly area where i used to sit and watch the sunset. there are lots of ducks and geese that hang out there so we watch them too. that's the bonus about being back at home. the 'hood hasn't changed. most of the families i grew up around are still there. however, the park is rundown and covered in bad graffiti. all in all i'm appreciative of our walks and i definitely need the exercise.

i haven't made much, but decided to make a sleeve for my laptop on saturday. it's a tad bit long, but i fixed it by folding the edge down. lil miss became immediately intrigued by it and let me know that my sleeve also works as a sleeping bag for her teddy bear. i will take pictures of it so you can see how cute it is.

i've spending a lot of time evaluating my self. wondering if i'm still battling depression (maybe a little) or if i just need to make some huge changes in my life. can depression really be beat? or will i have to deal with it for the rest of my life?

i pray all is well with those of you that come to this space.

btw - check out this happy customer


listening to: natural mystic.bob marley

new love = green smoothies

i realized after being apart of the soul veg community that i don't consume a lot of veggies (i'm a vegetarian). starches are the majority in my diet, so to add more veggies i've been experimenting with green smoothies. my green smoothies mainly consist of kale and some kind of fruit mix like pineapple-apple, strawberry-pineapple, banana-strawberry, mango-apple. i also add some protein powder (like spiru-tein), powdered spirulina, soy milk, and a little crushed ice. it has been SO good. it's filling too. when i drink a smoothie in the morning, i find that i don't run to the coffee stand for my regular chai tea and apple fritter. i've got a crazy sweet tooth y'all and i'm working on losing it.

i'm making it a point to buy more fresh vegetables though. i started making excuses for why i couldn't eat fresh veggies everyday and lack of money was always the excuse. but the truth is, it's really unexcusable not to eat foods that will benefit me. i just have to make a few adjustments to my budget so i can buy my yummy kale (i love my greens!) on a weekly basis.

enjoy the day!


i am trying with every fiber of my being not to buy this wrap. i really love the pink one. i don't own a lot of pink. i gotta hold out though because i'm planning a trip in july and have to save every penny i get. it's so yummy though. ugggh!

i didn't sleep well last night. sometimes i wake up and my arms are numb. that can't be good right? anyway, i didn't sleep well and spent most of the night staring at the ceiling. i hate nights like that. i hope i can maintain a high enough energy level where i don't feel like i'm about to collapse at work. that's the worst feeling.

anyway, this weekend i was able to get out into the sunshine. lil miss and i met some friends at a park and stayed most of the afternoon. i realize that i don't take her out of the house much. i don't even have friends with kids her age so she's been limited to play with the kids from her school. she loved the park and she loves being outside. i have to say i enjoyed it too. yesterday, we got her bike out and we went around the block (she rode, i walked). then we put her bike away and went for a long walk. it was nice. i definitely needed it.

i gotta step outside of my comfort zone and do something different for a change (for her and for me).

may your day be productive.


yesterday, the sun came out.

my day was glorious. it was one of those days where i had a little 'pep in my step' and a smile on my face. i kept laughing! i think it was the dress. my wonderful dress that i had thrifted the night before. the best thing about this dress is that it got the attention of a woman i met in my building's cafe. the pattern reminded her of woven fabrics and from there we chatted aways. she's a weaver. she spins too! once i told her i had been working at spinning, she got really excited and offered her help. she said she believes in passing the tradition of spinning along to anybody who's willing to learn. this woman is so awesome. today she brought me enough of her own fiber stash to keep me busy for some time. i can't wait to hang out with her. she's truly a wonderful person.

that's been the most exciting part about my week. lately, i've been a little down in the dumps. i expect that to happen when one is in transition. i'm just working on getting a plan together.

but the sun is shining, the leaves are budding, and the grass is turning green. that's enough to lift my spirits.

peace & blessings.


i could listen to love song, no. 1 forever.


listening to: oh mother earth.n'dea davenport

this weekend i:
stood in snow that went up over my knees
took my little one to lunch
hugged my friends
ate some yummy spring rolls
went to an amazing spoken word show
danced in my rainbow dress
had a good nap


it's thursday. yesterday, i thought it was tuesday. i have been a day behind for a while now. that's not good.

happy day.


remix 04.23.08

remix 04.23.08
Originally uploaded by butta.fly

house dress of awesomeness gifted to me by my daughter.

listening to: scratch your name.the noisettes

our little family had a small emergency last night. our molly fish hasn't been looking all that great lately and i figured out why. the condensation from the water has caused the screws in the tank cover (where the light is held) to rust so that nasty rust has been dripping to into the water. i felt bad so the kids and ran to the pet store quickly and got her a new tank.

while i was setting up the tank though lil miss accidentally dropped my macbook on the top of my foot. so i'm all bruised up and limping today, but i'm looking cute in the meantime (babygirl found me the cutest housedress at the thrift store. she knows what her mama likes!).

we're having glorious weather. it was almost 60 degrees yesterday. i had the tunes bumpin and the sunroof open when i left work. i love days like that.

i'm currently working on a few orders and scouting new areas to take my pictures (it's been difficult).

have a vanglorious day!


check out soulvegfolk to meet other vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists of color. i'm feeling very empowered these days.
listening to: family business.the fugees

the sun is shining, the weather is finally warming up, and the geese have returned. yep, i think spring is finally here. i think i've found a bike. i have romantic ideas about bike commuting. finding the xtracycle site has made them worse. so, i think having one of their bikes would be so much fun. it would be really great if i could haul my fair stuff around town on my bike. can you imagine that? i know it's doable because i saw a guy in the xtracycle flickr group that does it. i'm amazed and excited.

lil miss and i took a nice walk this evening. we didn't go far, but my body feels like i walked ten miles. that's some craziness! walking is something we're going to keep it up. we had a nice time identifying sounds (dog barks, birds chirping, etc) and just simply talking (my baby loves to talk).

i'm thankful for the day.

love & light


my weekend was pretty good. i hung out with babygirl...we went yarn shopping (she's knows my weakness), watched season 2 of LOST (i heart netflix!), and had the best meal at a local veggie restaurant. she turned 15 last wednesday and all i've been doing is thinking back to our first night in the hospital together after she was born. the last few years had been really hard on us (ugly teen stage), but things are definitely a lot better now. she's awesome.

there she is above modeling one of my new hats. i think yellow is her color.

i'm almost done with the first sock. it's knitting up so fast.

have a great day y'all!


trekking xxl sock. i really love this colorway. it reminds me of autumn. i decided to give this to a coworker who is always doing something nice for me.


this week flew by.

my day at work has been good because of the tofu sandwich i brought with me & the cup of tea my coworker made for me. it's all about the little things.

i heard that gas prices could go over $4/gal this summer. i wasn't really sure if i'd be driving much then if it did, but i now know for sure that i won't be. i filled up my tank the other nite and it cost me $50 (@ $3.44/gal). i'm seriously thinking about bike commuting this summer. i just have to 1)figure out to make it work with getting lil miss to school and my existing work schedule, and 2)get a bike. the goal is to conserve as much gas and money i can. i get excited thinking about it. there are a lot of bike blogs on the internet too , so i know it's doable. i will explore this more and share with you good ppl.

the sun is shining, the weather is somewhat tolerable (i think we got our last dump of snow), and i just had the best piece of dark chocolate ever. happy friday all! get out and do something fun this weekend!



mother nature, why are you playing with me?

after feeling like spring was about to start, i woke up saturday morning to SNOW. it snowed all day and we got about 6 inches. fast forward to yesterday. MORE SNOW. i think we got another 6 inches (which is better than the 10in the weatherman said we were going to get). but why oh why was it 5 degrees when i left my house this morning?


i guess because it felt like december instead of april, i went to the yarn store and ended up buying some sock yarn. i haven't been in a yarn storein forever and spent a while just touching all of the yarn. i have to do that again soon. the sock i started is being made with trekking xxl. i'll post pictures soon.


since being a seller on etsy, i have become completely addicted to the site. there are so many talented artists and so many fabulous handmade goodies that i can't get myself unglued from the computer. lately, i've been oogling the plush toys. it all started with dawn of lookwhaticando. i bought a few of her amazing love=creatures and started exploring the world of soft toys.

sally the bunnyrobin

here are a few of my favorites:

hitree in cali makes the most amazing trees.

lil miss would love luna made by colourspace

and check out the cute elephants in maidenlove's shop.

listening to: hyper-ballad.bjork

i've started working on the sleeve to the placed cable aran sweater. seeing all the lovely knitted goods on ravelry has got me motivated to finish it. the sleeves are all i have left to do, so i'm going to knock 'em out.

going to a friend's gallery showcase tonight and taking lil miss to see horton hears a who (say that five times) tomorrow.

it should be a great weekend.

peace & blessings.


felt flower
Originally uploaded by butta.fly

i was watching the science of sleep and became immensely inspired by all of the felt toys that were in the movie. it didn't dawn on me that somebody actually made them (that somebody is lauri faggioni).

first, i went on youtube (anutha new addiction) and searched for videos on needle felting. after looking at a couple, i figured it looked easy, so why not try it? so i then searched on etsy(yet anutha addiction) for needle felting kits. i ended up buying one from burtonwood. everything i needed came in a sturdy plastic storage bin (and i've got enough roving to keep me busy for a while). within 10 minutes of opening the kit, i was needle felting.

the flower is my first project.

listening to: fugee-la.the fugees

i have done the unthinkable. i temporarily moved back in with my folks. i'm very thankful that my parents have allowed me and the kid to crash in their home while i look for a new apartment. but being home is so strange and not only do i have to figure out a way to maintain our regular routine, but our routine has to mesh with my parents'routine.

i'm all moved though and i'm glad it's over (well, partly). one thing that was brought to my attention this weekend is that i gotta start exercising again. my body is so stiff and so sore, i could barely stand this morning. the sidewalks are clear of snow and ice so i'm going to start walking again on my lunch breaks. i need to stretch more than anything so i need to stick with daily a yoga routine.

i have a plan and the next thing i gotta do is get my shop full of new goodies. i will be knitting a lot during the next couple of months.

love & light


this morning after i dropped lil miss off at the babysitter's, i saw two bald eagles perched in pine trees. they were "chirping" to each other. it blew my mind. i don't see bald eagles much and when i do it's only one. never before have i heard one "talk". i almost started crying. it was such a beautiful sight.

whenever i do see a bald eagle, i take it as a sign from the most high that everything will be alright. something extra great is coming because i saw two eagles. *smile*
and then while driving to work i drove by a moose (they are so freakin' cute). this is going to be a wonderful day y'all.

peace & light!


i didn't get the apartment and my heart is broken. i know something better is out there waiting.



::a little conversation between mother and daughter::

driving lil miss to school while rockin' out to the noisettes

lil miss: mom, what kind of music is this?
me: it's the noisettes.
lm: who?
me: the noisettes.
lm: silence
lm: they're singing quiet.


one of my favorite things this time of year is waking up to a sun flooded room. i cannot wait for spring. it was almost 50 degrees the other day and it almost fooled me into thinking that the warm weather was here to stay. of course, the next morning it was 29 degrees and snowing.

my apartment is beginning to look empty. it's a strange feeling. my body is so sore from packing and moving boxes out yesterday. i woke up feeling like i had been hit by a bus. i wish i could sleep all day on days like this (you know lil miss is not having that!).

i've got the knitting bug like crazy. my friend is expecting next month and i want to make her little boy some things. maybe some socks and a blanket. i had a blanket pattern in mind but of course that book is now packed. something will come to mind.

enjoy the day y'all.


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i am really looking forward to this move. i've packed up quite a bit and am ahead of schedule. yay!

right now i'm loving:
burda style
kashi strawberry fields cereal
my new macbook!

spring gets closer by the day. hug someone today.

love love!


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all i can think about is how i'm going to decorate my next apartment. yellow will be thrown in the mix somehow. and i cannot stop thinking about granny squares. either i will make some homey things with granny squares or i will go to a thrift store and buy some granny square blankets (i may do both). i just know i gotta have lots of color in this spot....gotta make it mine.

i have an appointment tomorrow to go over my application for the new spot. the process seems to be moving really fast. i pray

i'm dying to make some new stuff but can't simply because i'm going thru all of my junk and getting rid of what i don't need. my mama will be helping me on the weekends and my dad has his big truck ready to transport everything. my parents are so awesome. i appreciate them more and more with each passing day.

i explained to lil miss that we had to find a new house and of course she was not having it. but now everyday we come home, she says, "mom i thought we were going to our new house? this is our old house." cute, right?

i wish you all a fabulous day. peace.


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i found out on friday that i have to be outta my apartment by month's end. i was a little bummed by the news, but knew this day would come because my building's been up for sale for the last eight months. but really though, it's all a blessing. i've been looking at new apartments, but have my heart set on this new townhouse development near my parents' house. while it was being built, i would drive by it everyday and think how nice it would be to live there. last week, there was a 'now renting' sign up. it blew my mind because i just knew the houses would be going up for sale (they're REALLY nice). so i got an application and i'm turning it in today. please send up prayers for me.

with spring comes new beginnings. i'm looking forward to mine.

EDIT: i'm eligible for the apartment! now i have wait for my interview. i have been on the verge of tears all day (well, a lot lately). i've been thinking about all that i am grateful for...it's overwhelming (in a positive way).


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go out and cop new amerykah. i love what i hear so far.

more later,


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it's warmed up a little and it's raining. it feels like spring is around the corner. lil miss and i had a nice outing on sunday. we went to the pet store (her choice) to look at the animals. she is very inquisitive and is an animal lover to the core (like her mama). we visited the cats jewel and rocky (i wish i could have adopted them), we said hello to all of the mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs, pouted a little when we found out the store was out of rabbits, and talked to all of the birds (but they're too noisy she said). every day spent with her is a blessing.

hope you all had a great weekend!


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she cracks me up.



i realized i must do three things to stay sane:
drink my tea every nite
burn incense

keeping up with this ritual is something i need to stick with. when i don't, everything in my life seems to fall apart.

do you have a ritual that brings you peace? share.


feeling very much much better (as adara says).

i haven't been up to much lately. just thinking about spring and what i'm going to post in the shop next. running this business is teaching me a lot. most of all, i realize that everyda i always need to be doing something towards the business. whether it's promoting, developing new designs, making pieces, working on the blog, etc. i gotta be producing. it's a lot of hard work, but boy am i having fun doing it.

currently love:
rucyl mills - that brave man glow is my joint!
the brooklyn circus
fly girls
conscious alchemy - herbal bath and & body products


it seems i got the stomach bug that lil miss had last week. mine however, has mutated into something a little different since i haven't been able to eat solid foods for three days now. WHAT'S GOING ON?! i'm not a happy camper. what could make my body rebel like this? it's got me seriously inspecting my diet even more closely now.

any amount of the creative juice that was flowing is currently non-existent. i hate being sick.


so i've got lots of plans for the bflywears blog. i want it to be fun and creative, but mostly reflect my personality and the stuff i make. it's going to be awesome!

i stayed home from work yesterday because lil miss woke up sick. i felt bad for her because she couldn't keep any food down (or water). later on in the evening she started feeling better. when i came home from school, she said she felt "very much much better". she's so cute.

i completed the front of the placed cable aran. currently working on the first sleeve. i'm getting close to finishing. yay!




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besides wanting to make more blankets, i want to make more cardigans. cardigans in every color of the rainbow. yellow especially (my new favorite color). i'm gonna have to work that out.

scrap yarn blanket

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well, i couldn't wait to take pictures. the ends still need to be sewn in and even though i'm somewhat dreading that task, i can't help but want to make another.


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feist. i love her voice.

i spent the weekend finishing up my scrap yarn afghan. i originally planned to crochet a border around the blanket, but i just couldn't decide on whether to use one solid color or keep with the theme and use various scrap yarns. well, after i finished my last row i decided not to add a border. all that's left to do is to weave in all the ends. my blanket is awesome! babygirl and i were testing it out all weekend and it's very warm AND very soft! i will take pics of it once i get the ends woven in.

i've been thinking about blankets a lot and want to make more. i've got a couple of friends having babies (yay! i get to make baby stuff!) and i think lil miss is ready for a big girl blanket (she's grown out of her baby blankets). the possibilities are endless. i can't wait to get started.

i also got some work done on my place cable aran sweater. since opening the shop, i haven't had much time to work on it. so half done with the front. i'm getting close to finishing and can't wait to wear it.

i hope all is well. have a great day.


Technicolor Dream Cycles Crown in Green

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my latest creation. i made this beauty while watching brasilintime. i don't know what came over me, but the music took over and before i knew this hat was finished. i like it a lot. it's huge and if i were to wear it, i would probably have to grow my locs for anutha 3 years to fill it (maybe a little more). but while taking pictures of it, i found that it makes a nice turban cover (i'm wearing a headwrap underneath).


dear blog,

it's been snowing almost 24 hours. i love it when it snows. at nite everything is peaceful and the world seems to move in slow motion. i need that in my life right now. peace. i've been scrambling to get my finances in order and boy oh boy am i stressed. i'm working to change things though. change cannot happen without a little discomfort, right?

i'm going to watch the snow fall a little while longer.


it's my birthday

90/365: making a wish
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i've been doing a little birthday dance all day (which includes some booty shaking a la the 50 cent video).

so it's a new year! i'm so excited and looking forward to what the year will bring. some things i'm going to work on this year...truly taking care of me physically, mentally, and spiritually...get my finances in order. some crafty things i want to do this year are practice spinning and learning how to use my wheel better, SEW SEW SEW, and work with embroidery.

i appreciate everyone who's taken the time to read my words. i wish you much happiness and joy this year!