denise has inspired me to make my own boa. playin w/ different yarns and textures is sumthin i seemed to have forgotten about. i'm finally using the gedifra carioca. i'm pairing that up w/ an eyelash yarn called casca. it has lil flecks of color throughout so it gives the boa a lil sumthin extra. the seed stitch sweater is comin along. i'm tryin hard not to think about how much more i have to go b4 i can start the back. i find i make a lil progress when i veg out in front of the tv for a while. so much to make, so little time. i've got some noro kureyon and silk garden i'd like to use. the silk garden was originally bought to b used for a scarf for my sister, but i scrapped that idea. so now i don't know what to make w/ it. denise and empress, i will b starting ur stuff next week. happy monday.


my christmas was relaxing. how was urs? so, my bro's scarf still isn't finished. but i did show it to him and he really likes it. i want to have it done w/in the next few days. then i'll start on his hat. i took the day off and paid a visit to the frenzy...thinkin today was the first day of the sale. not! it's tomorrow. it's cool tho. i'm starting anutha sweater...the green seed stitch sweater down below. i think this rebecca pattern is a lil easier than the parallelo joint (the orange one). happy thursday everybody.


watch cap how in the world do u make this? is it called a watch cap bcuz of the style (which i like a lot)? or is it a stitch that u use? i'm asking this bcuz elizabeth zimmerman has a watch cap pattern in her knitting without tears and it looks like she uses some sort of stitch. but then i saw shobhana's cap and it looks like she used a basic k1p1 rib. help?


i'm itchin to start sumthin new. makin progress on my bro's scarf. he's stayin @ my parents' house, so it gives me time to work on it. he made it known today that he luvs scarves and that he's going to have me make a lot of them for him. that made me happy. i think i will start a watch cap. never made one of those b4. i wonder if i have the right needles. *sigh*


okay, so this is me in the funky boa. i've gotten so many compliments on this. it's absolutely fabulous. the color alone will brighten up ur day. again, thank u denise! my dear, sweet brother will b here tomorrow. am i done w/ his scarf yet? no. i'll b workin my booty off during the next few days. tuesday, i started a scarf for a friend of mine. so far, it's knitting up really fast. i'm thankful for that. i'm using garnstudio's vivaldi and trendsetter's flora. it's beautiful. i wanna start on anutha sweater. i found out a lopi class will b offered next month. i'm excited 'bout that. also, i'll start on the parallelo sweater again. things should have slowed down a lil next month, so i'll b able to get some help on joining the body. i'm so close to finishing it. it's been so cold lately, all i've been thinkin 'bout is how warm the sweater will b. been feelin cardigans a lot lately. gotta find a cute and quick pattern for one.


guess what the postman brought me yesterday? one of denise's funky boas! man, it's so fabulous. it's luscious and makes me feel sexy. i have to go buy a whole new wardrobe to wear it out. ooh, i gotta buy a new coat too. lol. thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much denise. i love it!!!!!!!


since we finally have snow, i've been in the mood to make stuff. really make stuff. but today i decided to work on projects that needed major attention, like my bro's scarf and babygirl's sweater. i managed to finish the body on the sweater. now i'm 'bout to start on the first sleeve. i gotta get help w/ the gauge tho. i've been reading the instructions in the book (the sweater workshop), but i'm not sure. i think i'm just sleepy. anyway, i'll hold off on the sweater until monday. i'm determined to get the scarf finished by the end of the week.


pictures yay! rainbow socks in all their glory. ear flap hat made w/ reynolds lite lopi. i was surprised this hat looked cute on me. i was playin around a bit w/ acrylic and trendsetter yarn's charming. i'm not diggin it completely. but i'm sure it'll look cute on somebody. in the works... hat and bag set - an eyelash cap - a fisherman hat - babygirl's sweater- my bro's scarf.


the rainbow socks r finished! finally. it hasn't been cold enuff to make any hats or scarves. @ least that's my reasoning behind not making much of anything lately. where is the snow? i'm not complaining really. it's just weird. anyway, made a wool earflap hat on saturday. my sister sold two of my hats (she's in atlanta). i'm so excited 'bout that. she's also gotten the hat making bug, so she sold six of hers as well. she finally figured out how to download pics from her digi cam...can't wait to see her sweaters and skirts. what else is going on? thinkin 'bout what i wanna make my baby. a blanket for sure. oh, and a few hats. some booties too. lol. brother will b here in two weeks. i'm trying really hard to get his scarf finished.