i've been knitting & boy does it feel good.
this is a baby sweater for my little cousin. i used the knitting pure & simple neckdown baby cardigan pattern. the size is 18 months, but when i first looked at it i wasn't sure if it was big enough. it seems like it's been such a long time since lil miss could fit in something this small.

i'm currently looking for a new project to start. it's been so cold lately that i've been tempted to start another sweater. i do need a new cardi in my life.



stephanie japel's therapi pattern in the new knitty.

also in the new knitty is norah gaughan's surface.  love the bobbly texture of this sweater.

i miss knitting for me.  that's gonna change.  gotta cast on something even it's something as little as a headband.
i've been making a dent in my bead stash lately.

the yellow strand is the waistbeads i made for myself.

right now, i'm using seed beads, some african trade beads, cowries, and some other beads that's in my stash (don't know what they are called). i'm pleased with the results so far and will be making a ton more.


the weekend just sped by. lately, when saturday eve rolls around the depression rolls in & i think about how after sunday i have to go back to work. i dread walking into that office everyday. it's not a happy place for me.

this weekend, lil miss & i put up the christmas tree. we also baked cupcakes.
i started a pair of socks & anutha neckwarmer.
i was recently diagnosed with having slight carpal tunnel in both hands. i'm not in any pain (thank god), just getting the tingley/numbness of the hands thing. after this retail season is done, i plan on closing shop for a couple of months.
i've started beading. i figure i could save so much money if i make my own jewelry so that's what i'm doing. so far, i've made some waistbeads and a couple of wrap-around bracelets.

i will post up some pics soon.
i pray all is well with you.