the store is open & will have some new goodies on friday.
my store will be getting a make over too.
i'm pricing cameras. i need a new so badly. canon or nikon? can't decide which.
two. more. weeks.
& school will be done for a while.

playing: w/ some vintage wool i bought @ a moving sale.
reading: 'the dip' by seth godin for a school project.
eating: freschetta 6 cheese pizza.
listening: PPP abundance mixtape
smelling: sandalwood incense
dreaming: a lot.


this month feels electric. anxiously waiting for the school term to over so i can focus on other things like CREATING. i'm ready to dive into sewing. recently bought the new Sew U & want to play with knit fabrics. i've been beating myself up for getting rid of my oversized tees. i could really use them now. anyway, there's a new moon tonite & i'm setting my intentions for this cycle. i'm so excited! praying all is well with you. love.


i've been in the house all day.
flipping thru mags.
watching flix on netflix.
thinking about the date i had on friday.
it was fun.
he was fun.
can't stop thinking about him & i'm surprised by it.

i'm lying in bed w/ the window cracked open.
gotta let some of the cool nite air in.
peeking thru the window
i see black sky & white clouds.
it's still somewhat warm.
i hope he's safe.


i'm reopening the shop jan. 30th. i've been making a little here & there. school is done mid-february. i've got a presentation to prepare & two papers to write. have i started on either? no.

i'm ready to embark on a different path. i know the life i see in my head is totally different from the one i live now. if i want that life then some huge changes need to be made. do i have the courage to step out on faith & leave all that is familiar to me?


today, the sun shone so brightly.
i went outside & it felt like spring.
45 degrees. loved it.
it's been that way all week.


eating: black bean burgers & tater tots
drinking: stash chai tea w/ soy milk & sugar
watching: house party 2
smelling: maroma cinnamon incense
making: new tams for the shop.


happy new year!

i am very excited about this year. i've got so many good things planned and i can't wait to embark on them.

i made a few resolutions:
1. have more fun with my wardrobe.
2. use my food processor more
3. say yes more

i've fallen into a rut with my wardrobe and that's gonna change. i haven't been feeling too fly lately and i've gained my weight back so needless to say i haven't felt inspired to create new outfits from my wardrobe.

i made fresh guacomole yesterday and realized if i leave my food processor out on the counter instead of in a cabinet, i will use it a lot more.

i must say yes more often. yes to new opportunities. this year is about having fun and discovering new things.

i'm currently working on my office/studio space. i've been watching a lot of threadbanger and have the urge to sew.

i'm always inspired by the artists they interview. i want to make a loom now too. check the vid!

wishing you all peace and prosperity this year!