all i need is
a little sin on my neck
vanilla on my lips
khemit in my hair
and you in my arms


what should i eat for dinner? baked potato and yummy spinach or lentils w/ carrots and potatoes? potato and spinach only because it'll cook faster. *sigh*

about a month ago i embarked on the master cleanser diet. i did 4 1/2 days (of the 10)and lost 8lbs, got clearer skin, more energy, lost my addiction to sugar and caffeine (pepsi!!)and the best sleep ever. a sista was feeling the best ever. alas, today i fell off the wagon. 3 pepsis. 3. i've been wondering what triggers my pepsi binges...stress mostly. i gotta get back on the water. the fast helped me realize that i tend to eat out of boredom and comfort. i plan on bringing in the new year junk free. i will complete the full 10 days.

i haven't been knitting much because homework is consuming me. since i don't have much money around the holidays, i try and make my girfts. looks like that won't be happening. i should've gotten started two months ago. oh well, maybe i'll just make some cards.

the artist's way-have you read it?


reducing my yarn stash

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i've been making these scarves for a while now in attempts to reduce my yarn stash. so far it's working. 4 strands of various yarns knitted on size 35 needles. people freak when they see how big the needles are but they're really light and the knitting goes super fast. the scarves are thick, but not heavy feeling at all. they're very cozy.


my weekend was divine.

i went to see christa bell perform at a local poetry venue. this woman is amazing! it's been four years since i have written anything and after seeing this woman perform, i am in love with words again. so much so, that i went to her writer's workshop the next day. that proved to be therapeutic. we started with a 15 minute freewrite (i really love those) and then a 10 minute freewrite using prompts. the prompt i chose was "if i could, i would". from there i wrote this piece which is for my oldest daughter. i wasn't really thinking while writing it, but then we had to read it in front of everyone and why oh why did i break down and start ballin my eyes out into the third line. obviously, i've been holding on to some stuff subconsciously. i felt refreshed afterwards. hopeful even. i'm going to start writing again-poetry, short stories, etc. i think my writing strategies class is also fueling my desire to write. my professor has been really supportive.

the creator is working miracles in my life. i give thanks!

i've decided to use this lil ole blog for more than just knitting and crocheting. the title does say, "a day in the life of..."

peace and blessings.


so the felted skull scarf is not punk. babygirl gave the pattern a blank stare while i, her mama thought i had found gold! my feelings were hurt, but now i am able to work on some other things.

i'm going to d.c. next month and i want to be warm. i'm thinking about making a couple of scarves and hats for the trip.

i have pictures to share, but i can't find the usb cable for my camera. :o(


hello world.

i'm going to make this for babygirl (who is looking like a young woman nowadays - *sigh*). she is going to freak when she sees it. that scarf has "punk" written all over it.

it's been forever and a day since i last wrote on this joint, but a sista's been preoccupied. school has taken over my life in more ways than one. it kinda took me by surprised. i don't have much time to knit or crochet and i don't like that too much.

the days have gotten a lot shorter and it's hella cold. i decided while walking downtown in the cold (and wind!!) that i really needed a hat. i'm making one tonite.

peace to all.