it's currently -10 degrees outside.

i'm really not interested in going outside, but i'm on a mission to find a coat. i realized after buying a dress for my sister's wedding, that finding the perfect fit takes time. i'm learning not to get discouraged even though it frustrates the hell of me.


i hope your thanksgiving was great!

mine was. i spent time with my fam and then visited a friend. i am very thankful for my friends and family. they've come through for me so much this year.

anyway, that's all i wanted to say. i've got a piece of my mama's sweet potato pie waiting for me.



single digit temps suck. it's been so cold and all i can think about in the evenings is getting home and staying put. add the shorter days and i'm a lazy bum. i've been watching a lot of tv. why does tyra's show bug me so much? i've got a scarf to finish and i'm thinking about starting stefanie's bulky cabled sweater. i'm going back to dc next month and want a couple of sweaters to wear.

not a lot is going on otherwise. i may have some pictures to post soon. until then...blessings.



pre_pillows, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

currently working on putting together a style tray for my home decorating project. i'm starting in my living room and want really bold, colorful pillows for my burgundy couch. this pillow caught my attention, but it's way out of my price range. i figure i should try and make them myself, joann's and found this lovely print. let me tell you, i could have spent the whole evening in their home decor department. there's a lot of fabulousness waiting to go home with me.