my days consist of answering to "mom" every 2 seconds and asking, "do you have to tee tee?" ahh, the joys of potty training.

so, after spending a wonderful saturday afternoon with my girl d, i told her about my rebecca sweater that's been in my closet for the last three years. all it needs is a lil blocking, some sewing together, and a cowl neck. that's it. d told me i had to finish it and ya know, she's right. i rented that harold and kumar movie and sewed until my knees couldn't take anymore. i managed to get a sleeve and the shoulders seams done. i'm hoping to get started on the cowl this weekend.



to scream as loud as possibly can
my girls to be proud of me
to build sandcastles
to learn how to surf (been watching "step into liquid" a lot this week)
write a book
plant a garden
to make soap and candles
to perform on stage
to run a marathon (hi monica)
learn capoeira

::: i'm having a moment....twiddling my thumbs until i can leave work, pick up the kids, and head home.
i had a crazy dream last nite. i don't remember much, but i awakened after my 21 month old asked, "mom, where's the lemon paste?".


headscarves made out of blue sky's cotton. Posted by Hello

i like this yarn a lot. it's soft and gets softer as you work with it. i want to make a sweater with it or maybe a dress for lil miss.


life is funny. it presents you with one obstacle and as soon as you find your way around it, life presents you with another. my spirit is tired. surrounding myself with good people. i refuse to dwell inward.

currently making triangle head scarves and hemp bags. pictures to follow soon.



burt bee's beeswax lip balm.....i've been sleepin on this product.
wow. it's been a long time since i last blogged. a sista was goin thru some thangs and needed to step back and become invisible. during the madness, i still knit and crocheted. some lovely things were produced.

a lot has happened. i turned 30 in january. my oldest turned 12 and the little one has become this aggressive, very determined, little woman (she's been here before). i'm focused and driven (moreso now than any other time in my life). things are great.