since tha orange variegated sock i was working on was stolen, i decided to start on a different sock. this pair will b for mandara. i'm using lang jawoll jacquard in red/raspberry/black. i've been zippin thru it mainly bcuz i want to see what tha pattern will look like. this month is almost over and winter is around tha corner. i don't know if folks in otha states experience this, but alaskan summers basically last 2 1/2 months. august is usually rainy and dreary and the temperature begins to drop. oh, and tha loss of daylite hours r more noticeable. so, i've begun thinkin 'bout the knitted winter gear i will make for myself and my babygirl. mandara is moving back to new york in four weeks. i'm goin to b busy completing her order (i've been takin my sweet time). i've been considering entering staceyjoy's hat contest. if i do, i will fly to new york in october to see tha entries (and i could visit mandara). is anybody else out there thinkin 'bout flyin to new york?


tha rambling rows sweater is gone. i was really upset, but i think i've accepted it now. i went out and bought more yarn so i could start over. it's heart breaking man.


alyssa milano was crocheting on charmed last nite. i thought that was cool, since u don't see many folks doing it. i went to tha yarn store and wound up some yarn. that's a good de.stresser. i walked in highly irritated aka pissed off. once i started crankin away on tha ball winder, tha irritation drifted away. i'm currently working on a small hemp bag. i gotta order more of this stuff man. i luv it. tha hemp i'm using has a texture similar to tha linen that is being sold @ tha frenzy. it's nice.


these r tha necklaces i bought from tassita. aren't they beautious? tha top piece is made w/ bone, agate, and an ethiopian coptic cross. tha bottom piece is a small turquoise bead w/ a bone bead on top. this is a pic of tha hat i made over tha weekend. i fell in luv w/ lamb's pride while makin this.
tha montera muffler is almost finished. tha rambling rows baby jacket is almost finished. i made a hat over tha weekend. royal blue lamb's pride w/ lime green reynold's lite lopi. i'm goin to put a pompom on it. i found a place to showcase my wears. well actually, it found me. it's amazing how connected ppl r to each otha. i met this woman a couple of years ago thru a mutual friend. i didn't know she was into beading and had a business selling her stuff (amazing stuff). i came across her booth @ tha solstice festival and was blown away by her jewelry. we talked and i told her 'bout what i was doing, and w/o even seeing my stuff she said she'd sell them outta her studio. i then see her @ tha saturday market over tha weekend and she asked me to come check out her studio. i did yesterday and it was so beautiful. it was full of art from all over tha world. turns out her whole family are artists and they all do sumthin different. it felt good to b 'round so much creativity. we ate black cherries and did our crafty things in tha sunshine. i bought a couple of necklaces from her and she gave me some info on upcoming shows. isn't that cool?


@ lunch, i went to tha frenzy for my daily lunch time cool out session. as soon as i sit down to work on my socks, cleary comes up to me and says, "didn't u sign up for tha kool.aid workshop?" i totally forgot 'bout tha workshop! i've been talkin 'bout tha class for a couple of months now. i was bummed but not for long. i got to do a lil dying b4 i went back to work. my skeins r drying in my car right now. haha. i figured they would dry quicker in tha sunshine. what am i goin to make w/ tha stuff?
tha frenzy has been gettin a shitload of sock yarn lately. i couldn't resist tha temptation any longer. i bought 6 skeins yesterday. they feel so damn good...hella soft and tha colors r really bright. bright is good for tha dark alaskan winters. i pulled out tha neck down sweater and did a couple of rows. i've been neglecting it for a couple months now, but i'm determined to have it finished by september.


while sittin in my bed crocheting, babygirl said that bestest thing to me. "mama, i now see how u can sit on tha couch all day and do this." i think she's hooked.
tha forest fair was awesome. i sold a lot of stuff and met a lot of great ppl. i needed that weekend in tha woods. it did wonders for my spirit. i was able to trade a few things. trading is so much fun. i got a really beautiful handknit scarf, an hour massage (that was a blessing), a couple crocheted purses, and a beautiful hemp bag. i'm glad i got tha opportunity to b apart of that. i was kinda surprised @ what sold and what didn't. i made a lot of crowns (big hats for dreads) knowing there would b a lot of dreads @ tha fair. tha skullies sold like crazy. most of tha dreads wanted smaller hats. lesson learned. sara and i have already talked 'bout workin togetha next year. we will have a lot more stuff made. my 50-sumthin hats weren't enuff for tha two days. i have a few orders to fill. once i get those finished, i can re.focus on knitting and getting those projects outta tha way. i hope everybody is well. peace to u.


turns out tha sewing was done correctly. adding tha bands and a lil blocking should make tha jacket look betta. i really hope so. not much has been goin on othawise. tha fair is this weekend. i'm beginning to get butterflies in my belly cuz i don't know what to expect. i didn't work on anything (crochet.wise) last nite. my allergies have been kickin my butt so i spent most of tha evening in my bed napping. babygirl is goin to fairbanks w/ her dad on tha 4th, so i'll have some time to fully concentrate on finishing things (linings need to b sewn).
i finished sewing tha jacket. i don't like it now. it looks really small and i'm wondering if i sewed it up right.


tha blue socks r finished. yay! i also finished tha sleeves and cuffs on tha rambling rows baby jacket. i'm in tha middle of sewing it together. all that's left r tha neck/button bands. i'm chuggin along.