since tha orange variegated sock i was working on was stolen, i decided to start on a different sock. this pair will b for mandara. i'm using lang jawoll jacquard in red/raspberry/black. i've been zippin thru it mainly bcuz i want to see what tha pattern will look like. this month is almost over and winter is around tha corner. i don't know if folks in otha states experience this, but alaskan summers basically last 2 1/2 months. august is usually rainy and dreary and the temperature begins to drop. oh, and tha loss of daylite hours r more noticeable. so, i've begun thinkin 'bout the knitted winter gear i will make for myself and my babygirl. mandara is moving back to new york in four weeks. i'm goin to b busy completing her order (i've been takin my sweet time). i've been considering entering staceyjoy's hat contest. if i do, i will fly to new york in october to see tha entries (and i could visit mandara). is anybody else out there thinkin 'bout flyin to new york?

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