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the reggaefest was a huge success! i had an amazing time and met some wonderful people. i can't really put the whole experience into words. but i felt/feel so blessed. the day was definitely blessed! the wailers rocked it and was almost left with no inventory. the next fair is next weekend and i have 7 hats to make this week (got some custom orders) and then i have a week to replenish my inventory. i'm going to be busy.

babygirl sold two hats and a scarf. she's working on some things for the next fair. i am totally amazed by my daughter's talent. everytime she shows me something she's working on, i feel like crying. she's 14 and her skills will only keep progressing. i'm very thankful for my girls.

man, have a great day. i mean it.


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i finally own a pair of red shoes. they are so cute, so fabulous, and i can't forget to mention comfortable. i've never been into flats, but i couldn't resist these. now i need to buy a new pair of jeans to wear with them.

i'm driving back to girdwood tomorrow nite to set up my booth. have i done what's necessary to prepare? of course not. i have to load up my truck tonite, so there's tons to do when i get off of work. i'm making a list so i don't forget anything.


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i really need to stay out of joann's. their yarn selection has gotten a lot better than wal-mart's (and the colors are fantastic!).

anyway, the reggaefest is this saturday and i haven't really done anything to prepare. so i will stop bs'n and get focused on my biz.

it's been raining the last few days. i'm so thankful for the rain. it gives my sinuses a break (allergies are still kickin' my ass).

well, that's enuff for now. enjoy the day.


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i got a massage today.
there is so much built up
pain & stress in my body.
it makes me sad.
i've been in a state of reflection
since i walked out of that office.

i'm cool. really.
just have a lot of stuff to do.
i'm hustlin. butta.fly wears will have
a booth at the reggaefest next saturday.
i'll be back in girdwood. this time
lil miss will be with us.

currently working on glampyre's minisweater.
i'm also spinning. i take a few minutes each day to
practice. i think i'm getting betta.

enjoy the day.


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my tummy hurts. my back does too. i was reunited with my very first chiropractor on monday. he's awesome! but after seeing him three days this week, my poor back is in so much discomfort (my discomfort than pain). he tells me to say, "i welcome the adjustment" cuz i'm always complaining and whining after every "back-crack". he's right i guess. i am trying to live in a state of positivity.

anyway, i went to a new yarn store last nite. saw my new friend jacquie and got my spinning lesson. i was kickin' major ass!!! i can use my wheel now! turns out jacquie has the same wheel so she was able to show me how to set it up and tell me what i was missing. meeting her has definitely been a blessing. i am so thankful.

i really want to knit something special just for me. i realized last nite that i haven't knit or crocheted much in a very long time. i picked up the new knitscene and want to knit a few sweaters. i also started back to knitting cookie a's pomatomus. i just wanna challenge myself more with my knitting (and crocheting).

i'm off to lunch with a friend. enjoy the day.


just finished lunch...my new favorite sammich is *drumroll pleez*

roasted red pepper hummus with lettuce, tomato (lil miss tells me it's pronounced toe-motto), avocado, red pepper, onion, cheese, and cucumber.

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i am seriously craving chili right now. i don't know why really. i found a recipe on vegweb (big ups to vegweb!!)that i think i'm going to try tonite.

i had such a great time at the fair. i instantly bonded with anutha name jacquie (she spells her name differently from mine) who spins, knits, and dyes. she can basically teach me everything i need to learn to start my little cottage industry. i bought a drop spindle from her 11 yo daughter kaitlin. kaitlin gave me a quick spinning lesson and i was hooked. i forgot to bring a knitting project to the fair so i ended up buying some roving from anutha vendor and i spun the whole weekend. tonite, jacquie is going to give me a lesson on my wheel. I AM SO EXCITED! i will take pictures tonite of my spindle and spinning works and all the other goodies i got.

take time to breathe. AND make sure you enjoy the day!



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i survived anutha forest fair. this year was definitely a success!! i'm so happy/pleased/excited.

i have to learn how to shift gears and go back into the mama/housekeeping mode. that's funny to me...trying to balance work with raising a family and keeping house.

anyway, i'm glad to be home and in my bed (i camped out while in girdwood).

before i forget: listening to-dublab.com podcast .frosty's bollywood blast


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there are two more days until i make the drive the girdwood and set up my booth. i'm very excited and can't wait to spend some time in the woods.

this weekend was spent getting to know my sewing machine. i didn't get much sewing done, but i did figure out how to oil the maching and clean the feeder dogs. i'm going to be a sewing fool very, very soon.

i really want to set up a sewing area in a corner of my living room. so i'm on a mission to find a sewing table. at the moment, i sew standing up. why? because my dining room table is too high and sitting on a couple of phone books isn't good for my back. standing isn't good for my back either, but it is the better alternative.

so for you sewers out there, are sewing tables generally expensive? is there another alternative? can i make my own?

i'm currently knitting another cable beanie. this one is going to babygirl.

happy monday. peace.