my eyes are tired.

it's already august. where has the summer gone? i've been reflecting on my summer and honestly, it's been lackluster and downright sad.

i've got this feeling inside of me. like i'm about to explode. ya ever have that feeling where you want something so badly, that you feel like you'll burst if it doesn't happen? that's how i feel, but i just don't know how to make that feeling manifest itself.

friday night i was cleaning out my closet and found over a 100 hats that i've made over the last few years. i also found two bags of unfinished projects that need to be put in my shop. i started an afghan with all of my scraps about a year ago. it was suppose to be a housewarming gift to myself for getting the apartment i'm currently living in. i never came close to finishing it and just threw it in a box. so i rediscovered that during my cleaning spree too. i've been working on it all weekend and it's been a nice change of pace. i just crochet until the yarn is gone and then i change colors/textures. some rows have 3-4 colors in them. working on it has been freeing...a brain dump even.

have a blessed monday. peace.


downward dog is my friend. it's been a while since i've done yoga and last night i decided to try some poses from the yoga journal. back pain has plagued me for years (the last couple of years being the worst). exercising has helped some, but i've read how yoga can alleve the pain altogether. anyway, downward dog stretches the hamstrings and calves. i realized last night that i need to get it together because my hamstrings and calves were so tight. no wonder my back is bothering me so much right now! have a blessed moon day.


time. it's so crucial to me right now. i'm currently working on some things to put in my shop. i'm starting to feel a little stressed because making the deadline is really imprtant to me. i would like to have the site up in september. one thing that's always plagued me was always feeling like i never have enough time to get things done. balance is key and i have yet to find that balance.

i recently bought jenny hart's stitch-it kit. embroidery is something i've been wanting to learn for a long time now. i've been actively working on a pattern for a couple of days now and it's been a long, painstaking process. i think i'm doing okay though.

i also bought the mason-dixon knitting book. i really like the book because it exhibits family and community. plus, i never thought in a million years i'd be excited to knit dishcloths. i'm trying to conserve my use of paper towels so the dishcloths will come in handy.

anyway, i'm doing my best to stay busy and keep a smile on my face. have a great weekend.


minnie ripperton's voice is sooooo sweet. it's a like a breath of fresh air.

my tummy's rumbling. why is it that if i eat breakfast before i go to work, i'm starvin' like marvin two hours later? that's what's going on now. i've been working on my morning routine this week...get up on time, do my morning pages, make breakfast, pack my lunch (i'm bringing lunch to work too), get me and the little one dressed, and head off to work. so far, so good.

i took lil miss to the forest fair and we had a great time. i ran into some vendors i had met last year that i was happy to see. one couple in particular is living their life the exact same way i've envisioned in my head. one thing i have to be better about is making contacts and keeping in touch with them. sharon (the wife) saw me and right away she was telling me how much she thought of me over the last year. thing is, i had been thinking of her as well. i believe ppl are brought into our lives for a reason, so i'll do my best to keep in touch with her this time around.

my sister is getting married next month. it's been hella stressful for everyone and i'm looking forward to the big day. the wedding will be at the space needle in seattle. i've been slacking on my exercise and diet routine (weight loss has plateaued sp?) so i'm back in the gym. my goal is to lose 10 lbs. before the big day. 2 lbs. a week...i can do that.

more later. bless.


all i can think about are cardigans, owning some fabulous furniture, and what i'm wearing this winter.


ribbed stole

ribbed stole, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

this is how much i've done on the ribbed stole so far. i was getting a little discouraged at first because knitting 208 sts takes forever. it took me 5 hours to get 2 1/2 inches. anyway, i'm cruising along now and get to change to the next color (need one more inch- woohoo!).

it doesn't pay to oversleep in the mornings. i was 15 minutes late to an appointment and just a few minutes ago a coworker told me i was wearing two different earrings. one moonstone, the other lapis. lol. this is the second time i've done this. oh well, maybe i needed the energies of both today.


right now i'm doing my best to get my house organized. i'm in the middle of a major deep cleaning. apartment therapy is helping me do it.

the forest fair is this weekend and i'm going. this will be the first year that i've gone as a spectator. i decided in march that i would not have a booth this year. it was a hard decision to make, but once i did a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. selling wares and managing a booth is hard work. a sista just wants to relax. anyway, i'm bringing lil miss and the trip will be a mini getaway. i can't wait to breathe the mountain air and see some old friends.

currently in love with the new danger. the block party has contributed to my current mos def marathon. i want to see and hear all things by this man.

i'm chuggin along on the ribbed stole. also working on some new hat designs. b-flywears is back in effect. i'm planning on a site relaunch in september. life is good.



regia socks

regia socks, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

these are the socks going to cold bay, ak. i like them a lot. it's almost too hard to part with them.

adara's socks

adara's socks, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

adara's third bday

adara's third bday, originally uploaded by butta.fly.