i'm compiling a list of things i want to do. ya know, the type of things you always tell yourself you're gonna do, but then chicken out. well, i know i'm missing out on some great opportunities. so i'm gonna give it a shot.

two things on the list that i've just started:
taking a sign language class (offered thru my job)
participate in nanowrimo - i signed up today!

to be continued...


my favorite corner


listening to: stay a little while child.loose ends

i've been:
crocheting scarves & knitting neckwarmers
watching the snow fall (yes, it has started already)
reading stories to lil miss
settling into the new place
enjoying itunes 8.0 genius app
laughing with friends
eating too much junk
experimenting with different loc styles (i got length yay!)
drinking matcha green tea
planning my next move
making lists
applying for craft fair space
wondering where the time has gone
losing my mind in our new target store (alaska don't know what's hit it)