the gift

77/365: the gift
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i told my coworker months ago that i wanted a vintage swimcap with flowers on it so i could start swimming again. she found a company that still makes them and bought me one for christmas. i love it so much! i've been walking around the office today with it on (off and on because it squeezes my head). anyway, i'm having fun today. why not? it's friday!

merry christmas to you all. enjoy your family & friends!
peace love & blessings!


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i've been cooking a lot and bring my lunch to work. today's lunch was leftover potato latkes (from veganomicon), kale greens, and cashew hummus w/ carrots for dipping. yum! i've overcome my fear of cooking from cookbooks. i guess i've been saying this a lot lately, but i feel so empowered cooking wonderful meals for myself and my family.

my birthday is coming up and i've been thinking about what i'm going to do to celebrate. the last couple of years i've gone to dinner with friends. this time i think i'm just going to spend a quiet night at home. i do have a massage scheduled and plan on taking a yoga class. that day is going to be about taking care of me. i can't wait!

love & light


i have survived my first semester of school!

i took my last final yesterday and i almost ran out of that building once i was finished. i feel so relieved. now i can focus on other things.

crocheting is my first love, but there is something about knitting that really grounds me. i don't know what it is really. i started knitting a hat in the round yesterday and it felt like coming home. i gotta find time to knit more.

last weekend, i reorganized my pantry and was horrified at the amount of plastic bags i have accumulated over the years (three to be exact). my mom wanted me to throw them away, but i told her i couldn't do that. i just can't. it drives me crazy to be driving and then see plastic bags caught on trees.

so, what should i do with them? cut them up and crochet reusuable shopping bags? make a rug? i will have to think about it for a while.


love=creatures baby

love=creatures baby
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i understand now why people love plush toys so much. i ordered these beautiful babies from dawn at lookwhaticando.etsy.com. i've been looking at her creatures for a while now and decided to give lil miss the elephant for christmas. the rabbit is an early birthday present for myself. dawn does outstanding work. check her out when you get a chance.

(lil miss LOVES stuffed animals. she's going to go nuts when she sees this elephant.)


listening to: andromeda & the milky way.me'shell ndegeocello

i think i could listen to me'shell's voice forever and always.

for dinner last night, i made black bean vegetable soup and skillet cornbread from veganomicon. it was good. i'm learning a lot these days about using what's in my pantry. i'm no longer afraid to cook dry beans and i'm willing to experiment more.

i have a date with johnny tonite (depp that is). i've been waiting all week to watch pirates of the caribbean: at world's end.

hope your day is fabulous.


blue dress

blue dress
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i was so happy to find this dress the other day. i love peasant dresses and wish i had more. anyway, this was a great way to inject some color in my dark, cold day (and boy was it cold!). i wore a dark denim skirt underneath with tights. i need to add some legwarmers to the wardrobe .

it's crunch time!

i'm currently sitting in a computer lab at school taking a quick blogging break. my brain is fried yo! i'm still playing catch up with my essay writing. next semester, i will hunker down and get my damn work done. this shit ain't cool at all.

while working i realized i really need some fingerless mitts in my life. i'm sitting near the door and all of the cold air is rushing in. i can't type with cold hands, so i think i will make some over the weekend.

the craft fair was a success! i made eight flower skullies and sold all but one. now i gotta get my christmas gift making done. my dad is getting some socks and my bros and nephew are getting hats. i'm still figuring out what i'm making moms and sis. they'll be happy with anything i decide.

it's colder than a witch's titty outside (ha, my older friend's term). i need a new hat.

now back to essay writing...