over the weekend i was channel surfing and landed on the sundance channel. a documentary about the life of john henrik clarke caught my attention. this man was phenomenal!!! i couldn't leave the tv because he was sharing so much information from african history, to malcolm x, to the million man march. i have to own this movie. my children need to watch this movie. you need to watch this movie! lol.

it's still really cold. funny thing is, the temps have gone up a few degrees so instead of it being -10, it's -5 and i'm standing in the cold thinking, "hmmm, it's warmer today." lol wtf is that?

anyway lil miss is recovering well. my day started off crazy. i drank some really good chamomile tea and found i had slept so hard that i didn't hear the alarm go off. i woke up feeling hung over. lil miss had an 8am appt with her dr. and we didn't get out of the house until 8. i'm wondering what was in that tea. maybe i just needed the rest?

i have been knitting. i made indeed (picture below) a scarf like the one i made for my bro. i used the colors of chocolate, tan, oregano (a nice green), and a kureyon w/ the colors tan/brown/cream/lavendar. it's really nice. i think i have enuff to make a hat too. all i want to make these days are scarves. big, soft, cozy scarves long enuff to wrap up in. i've been getting a lot of use out of my seed stitch rebecca sweater. i can wear short sleeves under it and the cold air doesn't get through. there's something about the seed stitch that provides a barrier of sorts. gotta use that stitch more often.



...i had to reschedule the interview because lil miss came home with a fever last nite. i took her to the dr. this morn and found out she has a mild case of pneumonia in her left lung. that little girl has had a host of respiratory problems since she was six months old. while i, her mama cries at the thought of seeing her suffer, she's either laughing, singing, and sometimes dancing while i know she doesn't feel good. i don't know how she does it.

it's still cold, but i can't whine about it any longer. the folks in fairbanks (375 miles north from anchorage) currently has temps of -51 degrees.

i give thanks for my family, friends, and my bright eyed little girl.



i'm tired of being cold. i frozen to the marrow when i walk outside (it's in below zero temps right now) and i'm my hands, legs, and feet are frozen in the office. this shit sucks!!

btw-i got an interview lined up for that job tomorrow. i'm amped.

peace, love, and WARMTH!


sew easy

one of my goals for the year is to finally learn how to sew. i've had a sewing machine for almost three years and have only used it to sew linings into my purses. i've always dreamt of making my own clothes and now i'm going to do it. to help with this new endeavor, i bought sew easy. the packaging got my attention. it's like a box that opens like a book. one side holds the book and the other side holds 12 project cards. i'm going to make the tote bag and a pillow. that should be easy, right? i went to joann's yesterday and almost lost my mind picking out the fabrics and getting the tools i needed. i told the cashier that sewing could easily be my next obsession. it's bad enough i have my own mini yarn store in my house. i'll have to start making room for fabric now. :o)

i'm feeling quite optimistic these days. i'm reading opening to spirit again. this time around i'm seeing things i didn't see before. since i'm also on a mission to work through my fear issues, i have applied for a job where if i get it, i would be doing something completely different from what i am doing now AND i would be making more money. i was a nervous wreck all last week (the job closed on friday) and kept talking myself out of it, but i did it. i've got so many ppl rallying behind me too. it's kinda sad that my family, friends, and coworkers see so much in my abilities and i don't. it's definitely time to change all of that.


he's got flava...and then some

scarf_1, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

my brother asked for a scarf for christmas. since i am on a mission to reduce my stash, i went to my "wall of yarn" and pulled every color blue i could find. he sent me five wonderful pictures modeling the scarf. the fotos seemed to have sparked something inside of me.

i'm feeling crafty. how 'bout you?


weird habits

i was tagged by kelly. i'm not sure if these things are weird, but here it goes:

1. cold citrus fruits makes me moan-yes ladies and gentleman, butta.fly has major fruitgasms. i don't know what it is. oooh, and don't let the fruit be organic too. whew lawd! i'm sweatin just thinkin about it. i can't eat an ice cold orange at the office anymore.

2. rubbing my feet together makes me fall asleep-while lying on the couch watching the boob tube, i will rub my feet together...mostly because they're cold, but it's soothing for some reason and i always fall asleep. i recently found out my aunt does the same thing.

3. i like to eat pineapple out of the can-cold pineapple in a can doesn't have the same effect as fresh, cold, pineapple (see #1), but eating pineapple out of the can resembles a sort of rebellion for me since my moms always thought it was uncouthe (sp?) and always yelled at me when i did it. the first thing i did when i got my first apartment was grab a can of dole pineapple. lol.

4. i always dance while i'm cooking-think salma hayek in fool's rush in. i just gotta throw on some afrobeat or reggae and it's on! of course nowadays, adara is in the kitchen too and we both get our dance on.

5. ...gotta think on this. shoot!


me & indeed

me & indeed, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

i am jonzin for d.c. i miss my friends. especially this guy. indeed always has a good word for me and he's a huge supporter of my works. i love him to death. i'm thankful the creator has put him in my life.

she amazes me

one night, my sister got the idea to fast from television for 40 days. this is what came from that.

happy new year. since my last post i have had more car issues and i had a birthday. 31. wow. i'm still trippin. i was completely excited to reach 30. i think my thirties will be a time of discovery in my life. a sista is still on a quest to find herself. more importantly though, to kill all the demons that linger in the back of my mind. i'm tired y'all. tired of being afraid. yeah los, if you're reading this....i'm still dealing. well, i guess i haven't been dealing...avoiding is more like it. anyway, i'm ready now...ready to reach my full potential. i said a prayer for guidance last nite. on my way to work this morning, the truck in front of me had a license plate that said PRAYW8. i smiled to myself was like, "alright".