weird habits

i was tagged by kelly. i'm not sure if these things are weird, but here it goes:

1. cold citrus fruits makes me moan-yes ladies and gentleman, butta.fly has major fruitgasms. i don't know what it is. oooh, and don't let the fruit be organic too. whew lawd! i'm sweatin just thinkin about it. i can't eat an ice cold orange at the office anymore.

2. rubbing my feet together makes me fall asleep-while lying on the couch watching the boob tube, i will rub my feet together...mostly because they're cold, but it's soothing for some reason and i always fall asleep. i recently found out my aunt does the same thing.

3. i like to eat pineapple out of the can-cold pineapple in a can doesn't have the same effect as fresh, cold, pineapple (see #1), but eating pineapple out of the can resembles a sort of rebellion for me since my moms always thought it was uncouthe (sp?) and always yelled at me when i did it. the first thing i did when i got my first apartment was grab a can of dole pineapple. lol.

4. i always dance while i'm cooking-think salma hayek in fool's rush in. i just gotta throw on some afrobeat or reggae and it's on! of course nowadays, adara is in the kitchen too and we both get our dance on.

5. ...gotta think on this. shoot!


kellz said...

hey fly butta!!
i can't wait! good to see ya back. i was gettin' worried.
what projects are you working on? right now i am completing the 'turtleneck shrug" in scarfstyle. it's lookin' pretty hot.


SunshineMama said...

That was a good list B. I'm still strugglin'! And the scarf is hot!-hk