felt flower
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i was watching the science of sleep and became immensely inspired by all of the felt toys that were in the movie. it didn't dawn on me that somebody actually made them (that somebody is lauri faggioni).

first, i went on youtube (anutha new addiction) and searched for videos on needle felting. after looking at a couple, i figured it looked easy, so why not try it? so i then searched on etsy(yet anutha addiction) for needle felting kits. i ended up buying one from burtonwood. everything i needed came in a sturdy plastic storage bin (and i've got enough roving to keep me busy for a while). within 10 minutes of opening the kit, i was needle felting.

the flower is my first project.

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i have done the unthinkable. i temporarily moved back in with my folks. i'm very thankful that my parents have allowed me and the kid to crash in their home while i look for a new apartment. but being home is so strange and not only do i have to figure out a way to maintain our regular routine, but our routine has to mesh with my parents'routine.

i'm all moved though and i'm glad it's over (well, partly). one thing that was brought to my attention this weekend is that i gotta start exercising again. my body is so stiff and so sore, i could barely stand this morning. the sidewalks are clear of snow and ice so i'm going to start walking again on my lunch breaks. i need to stretch more than anything so i need to stick with daily a yoga routine.

i have a plan and the next thing i gotta do is get my shop full of new goodies. i will be knitting a lot during the next couple of months.

love & light


this morning after i dropped lil miss off at the babysitter's, i saw two bald eagles perched in pine trees. they were "chirping" to each other. it blew my mind. i don't see bald eagles much and when i do it's only one. never before have i heard one "talk". i almost started crying. it was such a beautiful sight.

whenever i do see a bald eagle, i take it as a sign from the most high that everything will be alright. something extra great is coming because i saw two eagles. *smile*
and then while driving to work i drove by a moose (they are so freakin' cute). this is going to be a wonderful day y'all.

peace & light!


i didn't get the apartment and my heart is broken. i know something better is out there waiting.



::a little conversation between mother and daughter::

driving lil miss to school while rockin' out to the noisettes

lil miss: mom, what kind of music is this?
me: it's the noisettes.
lm: who?
me: the noisettes.
lm: silence
lm: they're singing quiet.


one of my favorite things this time of year is waking up to a sun flooded room. i cannot wait for spring. it was almost 50 degrees the other day and it almost fooled me into thinking that the warm weather was here to stay. of course, the next morning it was 29 degrees and snowing.

my apartment is beginning to look empty. it's a strange feeling. my body is so sore from packing and moving boxes out yesterday. i woke up feeling like i had been hit by a bus. i wish i could sleep all day on days like this (you know lil miss is not having that!).

i've got the knitting bug like crazy. my friend is expecting next month and i want to make her little boy some things. maybe some socks and a blanket. i had a blanket pattern in mind but of course that book is now packed. something will come to mind.

enjoy the day y'all.


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i am really looking forward to this move. i've packed up quite a bit and am ahead of schedule. yay!

right now i'm loving:
burda style
kashi strawberry fields cereal
my new macbook!

spring gets closer by the day. hug someone today.

love love!


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all i can think about is how i'm going to decorate my next apartment. yellow will be thrown in the mix somehow. and i cannot stop thinking about granny squares. either i will make some homey things with granny squares or i will go to a thrift store and buy some granny square blankets (i may do both). i just know i gotta have lots of color in this spot....gotta make it mine.

i have an appointment tomorrow to go over my application for the new spot. the process seems to be moving really fast. i pray

i'm dying to make some new stuff but can't simply because i'm going thru all of my junk and getting rid of what i don't need. my mama will be helping me on the weekends and my dad has his big truck ready to transport everything. my parents are so awesome. i appreciate them more and more with each passing day.

i explained to lil miss that we had to find a new house and of course she was not having it. but now everyday we come home, she says, "mom i thought we were going to our new house? this is our old house." cute, right?

i wish you all a fabulous day. peace.


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i found out on friday that i have to be outta my apartment by month's end. i was a little bummed by the news, but knew this day would come because my building's been up for sale for the last eight months. but really though, it's all a blessing. i've been looking at new apartments, but have my heart set on this new townhouse development near my parents' house. while it was being built, i would drive by it everyday and think how nice it would be to live there. last week, there was a 'now renting' sign up. it blew my mind because i just knew the houses would be going up for sale (they're REALLY nice). so i got an application and i'm turning it in today. please send up prayers for me.

with spring comes new beginnings. i'm looking forward to mine.

EDIT: i'm eligible for the apartment! now i have wait for my interview. i have been on the verge of tears all day (well, a lot lately). i've been thinking about all that i am grateful for...it's overwhelming (in a positive way).