i've been a busy bee (well, it feels that way at least). i've been really feeling the nine month pregnancy thang. i can't sit long or else i catch a cramp in my ass or my legs and back stiffen up. *frown* i'm not a happy camper right now. i really can't wait for this lil girl to get here. i'm scheduled for a c-section on the 24th. lawd knows i can't wait!

currently working to get all of my projects/orders outta my apt by monday. after monday i'll be outta commission. i'm hoping i'll be able to knit a lil sumthin while i'm in the hospital. i'll bring my bag just in case.

over the weekend, i finished the kureyon rambling rows sweater and i started the first sleeve on the crossover back sweater.

that's it for now. a walk is needed.


decisions, decisions


mz jocelyn aka babygirl has a book that talks about "how to help the world" (as she says). after 10 minutes of looking @ this gem she decides she's going to give her books to needy children. anutha 10 minutes roll by and she comes out of her room w/ a stack of books. then she tells me she wants to make hats for ppl in shelters. i went to give her one of my 16in circulars and couldn't find any. i've got needles all over the place and i couldn't find one 16in circ. so during my daily lunchtime visit to the frenzy (lys), i bought her a couple of circular needles. that should put a big ole kool-aid smile on her face. can't wait to see the hats she creates.


the countdown has begun. 2 wks until i get to see my baby's face. i'm getting ancy.

i've been busy working on baby stuff. i've crocheted lil skullcaps (they're oh so cute!!), started a rambling rows sweater (almost done w/ that), and i'm halfway thru the crossover back joint. this lil girl is going to be so fly!

also workin on locqueen's fantabulous hat and a tank for my girl c. my long lost motivation has returned. it's on baby!


i got a lot of knitting done this weekend. i finished the left back of the crossover baby sweater. all that's left is the right back and sleeves. it's looking really cute. i may start the square neck cardigan next (in little badger's).

i finally started using up some of my cotton. i'm currently on a crochet kick. i'm making hats for myself in bright, summery colors. it's definitely time (most of my hats r too small). when i get done w/ the first one i will sew on my new b.fly wears label. i'm soooo sooo happy to have them. i'd post pics, but my computer has crashed on me again. looking to buy a new one.