i'm back in school. lil miss starts school on tuesday.
i can feel the seasons change. it'll be fall soon.
i started going thru my storage. it's time to release the old and i'm ready.
my face is breaking out sumthin awful. it's never been this bad before.
maybe it's time for that detox i've been talking about forever.

the last few weeks have been one of inner reflection. a lot of changes need to happen. i've always known it, but wasn't ready to face it. i am now.

i hope you all have a great weekend.
remember to take care of yourself.


dude. i need a vacation.

i'm draggin ass this morning and it's probably because i haven't done any yoga in a few days. i finally got all of my paperwork for school turned in so i'm registered now (transferring to a new school). lil miss will be registered today. i hope she has a good day since she got four shots (two in each leg) yesterday. she's getting so big and soon she won't want me to walk her to class (ive been thru that with babygirl already. it was horrible).

for now, i'm going to get into the shower and dream about being on a tropical island. maybe that'll wake me up?


i'm still on the apartment hunt. *sigh*

school is starting in a few weeks for me and lil miss. my baby's going to kindegarten. it will be a new chapter for both of us. i will probably go underground until i'm finished with these classes. who knows. through it all, i know i gotta maintain a routine. a routine that include eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

i've been getting up the last four days and working on my sun salutations. it's doing wonders for my energy in the mornings! today, someone thought i was wearing heels because i was standing taller. my body feels strong and i feel great.

more later.