it was a beautious day.

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thinking about my next move.
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every morning i wake up to my fugees cd playing. the funny thing is, i've been having crazy dreams w/ lauryn, wyclef, and even john forte in them. this morning, john was in my dream spittin his lyrics to me. i always wake up laughing.

anyhoo...hayfever has been kickin my ass this summer. all i want to do is breathe with no restriction and have eyes that aren't itchy. i look so crazy in the morning, but i've been having the best sleep ever. i found some natural remedies online that's supposed to help relieve the discomfort of it all. so far, so good. remedies include drinking chamomile and/or dandelion root tea (dandelion root tea cleans the liver), eating lots of dark leafy greens, getting lots of vitamin c and beta-carotene, don't consume sugar/dairy (which has been a little difficult). i've been a carrot juice making fool this past week. i've also been using a neti pot to cleanse my sinuses. it really works and i always feel so much better after using it.

speaking of juice...i am in love with my new jucier. i made my first green juice yesterday. it was made with kale, celery, and my one lonely apple. i had a little this morn and it wasn't bad. i know i will have to upgrade my juicer soon, because i can easily see me wearing it out before too long (making carrot juice stresses out the motor).

i feel empowered.

i'm selling my goods at the forest fair next weekend. i'll be spending four days in the woods with the mosquitoes, mud, and cottonwood (hay fever will be in overdrive!). i'm not much into camping, but i always have such a good time when i go to girdwood.

the sun is shining, the weather is awesome, AND it's friday!!! have a blessed day y'all.



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this is a blanket i started when i first moved into my current apartment (almost 3 yrs ago). i figured i deserved a house warming present and an afghan (since i've always given my afghans away and never kept one for myself). anyway, it's looking really great. it's all made from my little bits of scrap yarn i've had leftover. i'm coming close to finishing (making it queen size). it should be done right in time for winter.


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my little girl turned 4 yesterday. 4. she's been waiting to turn 4 all month. ppl would ask, "adara, when's your birthday?" "JUNE!". when she found out it was june, she got really excited and was like, "mom it's my birthday?!" i'd disappoint her time and time again when i'd tell her "not yet."

i bought her a cake with a princess on it (and her frog prince i guess). i caught her looking at it yesterday and she said, "mom, you're a good mom. thank you for buying my cake."

i'm very thankful to have her in my life. she's full of light and love. she's my beautiful joy.



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she's 14 now. i can't believe it.


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watch out now.
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i'm having one of those days. the sun is shining and all i wanna do is get in my mumu and walk around my backyard barefoot. i'm trying my hand and gardening. container gardening to be exact. i didn't think about how expensive it'd be to buy flowers. so i started some from seeds. the first go 'round my herbs got roasted in the sun. then i planted some flowers and they started sprouting. my daddy knocked that pot over when he was cutting the grass. they seem to be doing okay, but we'll see.

i'm in this crazy nesting phase. doing my best to finally add some of my personality to my apartment. i've been living in this place almost three years and just started to feel at home there. i started with my bedroom by hanging up a tapestry and added some plants (they were moved from downstairs because they weren't getting enuff light). it's amazing how plants change the energy in a room. my room feels so different. more cozy and inviting. thiniking about making a duvet cover and pillow shams (using patterns from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing)

new loves:

my new juicer
being meat free (recently got back on the wagon)br> experimenting with new veggie recipes (vegweb rocks)
feeling more comfy in my skin


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i'm definitely feeling god's energy these days. everywhere i look i'm grateful for the opportunity to look upon his creation.

summer here has had a few false starts. the other day it was 75 degrees. my body was in shock from the heat (i hate being in a hot house), but i've been craving the high temps ever since. stop teasing me mother nature!

going to work is hard. i definitely need to find another career that will feed my soul. today's a day i wish i had my notebook.

i'm currently wishing i could spend the whole summer in d.c. i miss my friends.

new loves:
my salad spinner
roasted eggplant
bjork (i've been sleepin', i know)
black nail polish

may your day be filled with smiles.