today, i made veggie burgers using the recipe in vegan with a vengeance. it was GOOD.

yesterday, i bought more yarn at joann's. i'm cranking out stuff for the fair this week. i also bought some wonderful batik fabric to make a built by wendy dress. let's see how it goes. sewing clothes is uncharted territory for me.

hope you're day is going well. later.


listening to: give it to ya.jah cure

butta.fly wears now has an etsy shop. it's a work in progress, but i just had to stop making excuses and post something. i will be adding more items thru the rest of the week.

school is going okay. i had my first midterm yesterday. i also got praises from my teacher on an essay i wrote. it really surprised me because i thought i didn't have the format down (and i thought it was too short!). anyway, turns out the format was perfect. my friend told me i need to relax and trust myself. i totally agree.

butta.fly wears is doing an event the weekend of october 5. there will be another one in november.

guidance & protection.


i'm feeling light.
as in i believe i'm losing weight.
my mama says i'm losing my ass. i agree with her.
i was just starting to like it...my ass that is.
oh well.
it's been raining a lot here.
the clouds have been putting on a show.
the wind was blowing hard last nite.
i was trying to hear what she had to say.
i slept really well.
madvillian has to be my favoritest (yeah i said it) album.
i can't wait to pick up lil miss.
she always has the best days.

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i made a discovery. i like cowls. i have to make more of them and rock 'em this winter.

listening to: there is a way.mos def - there are two lines to the song. & the words have become my mantra:

1. there is a way, no matter what they say
2. don't give up, don't give in

this weekend, i plan on cranking out neckpieces (scarves, cowls, & whatever else i think of to keep your neck toasty).

be blessed.


listening to: cannot even (break free).the noisettes

fall is here. there's a chill in the air and the leaves had started to change colors. it's been raining a lot too.

i somehow managed to catch a cold so i haven't been a happy camper this week. i overslept this morn and i must have really needed that extra hour, because i felt great when i got up. so the nasty cold is on it's way out of my system. yesss!

one more day 'til the weekend starts.
hugs to you. bless.


things i currently love:
cooking with cumin & garlic
sharpie ultra fine point markers in every color of the rainbow!
enchanted valley farm hummus
jamaican mango & lime hair products
my local library - they had all of the most recent craft books plus a lot vintage stuff
did i say enchanted valley farm hummus?!

sometimes i think i love food too much.

i'm thinking about doing the fall cure. my apartment would love me for it.

saul is coming back to anchorage!
listening: the noisettes!
reading: the awakening by kate chopin
watching: the secret
knitting: the placed cable aran sweater

i finished the back of the place cable aran. it's going to look fabulous when i'm done. knitting again has been a pure joy. i've got lots of projects lined up for the upcoming months (been thinking a lot about christmas presents). the seasons are changing (i can feel the chill in the air) so i've got sweaters and socks on my mind.

this weekend i went to see zion i, the grouch, charlie 2na, and jennifer johns perform. IT WAS AWESOME!! that show was so ridiculous, i danced for four hours straight. of course afterwards, i felt really old 'cause every joint in my body was hurting. lol! it definitely made me realize that i didn't have an 18 year old's body anymore. the show was definitely a blessing. a sista needed the release.

may your day be great.
love love.


listening to: rag & bone.white stripes

i've cut out the pieces for my first sewing project of the month. it's for the tote bag from simple sewing.

i had some extra time to kill after work last nite, so i went to jo-ann's and looked at their patterns. i really want a cute jumper dress or shift to wear during the fall.

i've gotta get to class. more later.


i'm restless. losing focus. that's changing tonite!!!

i'm knitting the placed cable sweater from the fall interweave knits. using wool-ease and LOVE. IT. this sweater is going to feel so good on. i can't wait to finish it.

hope your weekend was a good one. blessings.