tha pink fuzzy scarf is almost finished! woohoo!


last nite i made my turtle (tootles mcfadden) a wool cap. babygirl saw it this morn and started a scarf. she did a good job on it. she then talked me into makin mr. moo cow a hat and scarf set and a matching one for herself.


my wal-mart is bein turned into a super wal-mart. they moved my crafts section. tha yarn section is smaller and unorganized. i'm sad and disturbed. today, i decided to make anutha scarf. i always seem to add more and more projects to my plate. it would b nice if i could get old projects finished b4 i start new ones. i get bored tho. sometimes i have to take a break from a hat and start a new one. crazy ridiculous right? last nite, i tried makin cables. it didn't work for me. and like always, i know there's some small thing i'm doin wrong. i will get it i tell u. i was inspired after readin tha manmade site (thanx for tha link miss d.chunky). he mentions elizabeth zimmerman and her book, knitting without tears -that book appeared to me @ barnes and noble yesterday- lord knows i wasn't thinkin 'bout it. i saw it and knew i should buy it. so, i did. it's friday nite and i have nuttin to do. i'm still gettin over my cold/flu so i'm all clogged up. babygirl has returned from her father's. maybe i can get her to sit on tha couch long enuff to crochet a row or two (she's still learnin). happy friday!


today, i pulled my wears out of tha store. i won't go into details, but it was a hard decision to make. i believe it was tha right one. there will b otha opportunities. mar 12-20 will b in tha dc area peddlin my merchandise more lata...


O M G this is too funky!
my girl on bp received her hat. it looks so nice on her.
where has this day gone? yarn is all over tha floor (and couch) and i can't seem to get tha energy to work on these orders. lil by lil i'm makin wears for my trip. ugh! do i really wanna turn this passion of mine into a business? i question that a lot. i have to tell myself that's it's okay to chill and take breaks from crocheting, but it consumes me. if i don't have that hook in my hands i get all fidgety and shit. all i can think about (besides that beautiful.brown.boy) is color schemes and new projects and yarn. i'm a yarn fiend. yes i am. (my next move will b spinning ummm hmmm)


tha show was awesome! wiz shined and looked so beautiful. she didn't wear my hat *frown*, but i did get pictures of her in it *yay!* i decided not to finish my hat/bag in tha homespun. i onlee had one skein and tha store close to my apt. didn't have it in arcadian. so i went w/ tha red.orange hemp bag i made a few weeks ago. i sewed a lining in it and added a button. i'm so proud of it. a lot of times i don't add linings, buttons, etc bcuz it takes more time. i like to whip my stuff out. hats r fast and easy. but after seein what i can do w/ a bag, i think i will take tha time to add tha extras. oh, tha hat was black w/ tha hemp in tha top. my daddy gave me tha bestest present. tha better homes and garden's knitting/crochet/embroidery book. he is so awesome. a customer of his was givin away a lot of old books and he saw that one and thought i could use it. he doesn't realize how good he did. it was published in tha 70s! i luv stuff made in tha 70s! hell, i think i should've been a teenager in tha 70s. everything i've ever wondered 'bout crochet is in this book. it will become my bible. i luv my daddy!


anutha snowy saturday my nite didn't go so well. tha yarn didn't want to cooperate w/ me. being in a effed up mood anyway, i gave up. but today's a new day and i have some things to make. one being my ensemble for tha show. i decided to make a hat/bag set w/ lion's homespun in arcadian. i know i don't have anything to match it, but since when did matching ever been important to me? *smile*


i just lost a shitload of stitches. *argh* my pink fuzzy scarf has holes in it...big holes. i tried to pick all of them back up, but that's impossible since all tha tiny fuzzies make it extremely hard to see what i'm doin.


i practiced some new stitches @ work. i didn't care who saw me, i was keepin myself busy. now i'm tryin to get some energy to work on my ensemble for saturday nite's show. gotta have a matchin hat and bag. i made lady wiz's hat last nite (my girl has to look fresh @ tha show too). i'll call it a sun hat cuz i don't know tha correct name for it. it's black w/ a huge, floppy brim. now what makes it cute is tha black eyelash yarn in tha brim. i'm goin to take pictures. that one has to b put into my portfolio.


i've found myself readin tha crochet workbook a lot lately. seems like things i didn't quite get r clear to me now. that book has me lookin @ crochet differently. i'm inspired and want to go beyond tha basic stitches and rows. she's an inspiration as well. went to tha yarn store to buy some circular needles for my poncho project. tha pattern i have requires two different sized circular needles and boy let me tell ya, them thangs were expensive. disappointed, i left tha store empty handed. so back to tha drawing board. i really want a poncho for my plane ride to dc. i asked my sis for suggestions...i thought 'bout crochetin a ring big enuff to fit over my head and increasin from there, but her reply was, "don't do that, u'll look like a big doily." sandy @ tha yarn store says i can do it. I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO. i need to get busy cuz a sista is lost @ tha moment.


i totally forgot 'bout this blog. still workin on my pink fuzzy scarf. i'm finally half way thru it. i feel like i'm makin some progress now. eyelash yarn is becomin my new fave. i've been wearin my funky (and fuzzy) camo "army helmet" and ppl seem to really like it. not sure i can bring myself to sell it. it's too damn funky. gotta save some of tha dope stuff for myself. selfish? maybe a lil.