my wal-mart is bein turned into a super wal-mart. they moved my crafts section. tha yarn section is smaller and unorganized. i'm sad and disturbed. today, i decided to make anutha scarf. i always seem to add more and more projects to my plate. it would b nice if i could get old projects finished b4 i start new ones. i get bored tho. sometimes i have to take a break from a hat and start a new one. crazy ridiculous right? last nite, i tried makin cables. it didn't work for me. and like always, i know there's some small thing i'm doin wrong. i will get it i tell u. i was inspired after readin tha manmade site (thanx for tha link miss d.chunky). he mentions elizabeth zimmerman and her book, knitting without tears -that book appeared to me @ barnes and noble yesterday- lord knows i wasn't thinkin 'bout it. i saw it and knew i should buy it. so, i did. it's friday nite and i have nuttin to do. i'm still gettin over my cold/flu so i'm all clogged up. babygirl has returned from her father's. maybe i can get her to sit on tha couch long enuff to crochet a row or two (she's still learnin). happy friday!

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