i'm still working on the afghan. my boss' last day is friday and i will have it finished by then. 2 more blocks to go.

i started a sock using 2 circular needles. i'm @ the gussett and i'm quite frustrated w/ it. i've put it down for the time being. it'd b nice if i could just knit sumthin w/o getting stuck. one day i guess.

i spoke w/ holly on sunday and she's inspired me to start crocheting again. i haven't been into it since my pregnancy began. guess i've been burned out. i'm going to pick up my hook this weekend (once this afghan is done) and make some hats. maybe some lil drawstring purses. i don't know. i've got tons of yarn to use up. if i get busy now, i'll have enuff inventory to do some of the fall bazaars. i'm going to miss the forest fair this year (it's too close around my due date).


the lopi sweater so far...

and the rambling rows afghan...

10 more blocks and a border. then i'll b done.

i can't wait to b done w/ this actually. it's been fun, but i'm ready to move on to sumthin else...like my baby knitting.


i'm cruisin along on the afghan. it's looking really nice. when i'm done, i'm going to start one for the baby using sirdar's babycare.

i started making a pair of socks using the two circular needle method. has anyone else tried this? do u find it to b a lot faster than using double points? i can't decide.

my computer is FINALLY fixed. i'm going to get it home and see what was erased. i hope i don't have to do much of anything, but in any case i'll b able to post pictures again. woohoo!


not a lot has been going on. every bit of my free time goes towards working on the rambling rows afghan. once i'm done w/ it, i can knit for the baby.

happy thursday everyone.


babygirl loved her present. when we came home yesterday, she instantly started picking patterns outta the book i bought her. she admitted to me later that she didn't like following patterns. so i told her to do what she felt. i bought the book mainly as a reference for her since she doesn't know how to purl or what binding off means. i think she's making coasters right now. :o) she finished a baby hat for lil miss. it was a hat that i started making and got bored w/. so she picked it up and finished it. she's very proud of herself and i'm proud of her too. whenever my damn computer gets fixed, i'll post pics.

currently making anutha scarf outta the saint tropez. this first one i made for my sister, this one is for mandara. also started a tam for him (aka daddy-o aka baby's father). he's worn his otha tams out and they look pitiful. i'm takin my time w/ it. it's a project to work on when i need a break from the rambling rows afghan.

have a great weekend everybody. i plan on knitting and getting some relaxation. i may even go buy some baby clothes. i went to old navy yesterday and almost lost my mind. their clothes r hellafied cheap and their cute beyond cuteness. my kind of store.


mmmm. takin a skittles break.

i said i wasn't ready to start anything new, but i'm changing my mind. @ the frenzy today, sandi was knitting a scarf w/ filatura di crosa's saint tropez. it looked like it was a lot of fun to knit w/. so i bought a ball of it and a pair of size 17 needles. i'm making a bday scarf for mandara in color 102 (the gold one). i figure it'll look really good w/ her dark complexion and she could rock it as a belt/sash thing. i can't wait to get started on it.

i finally got the kinks worked out of the asymetrical baby sweater. i should have that done tonite or tomorrow.

peace ppls.


i've been working diligently on the rambling rows afghan. april 25 is the deadline to get it finished. i'm on a mission.

not much else is going on. i've got a few hats to make and ideas for bags r floatin around my head, but i'm not quite ready to start anything new right now.


i cut my sweater last nite. i was so nervous, i gave myself a headache. it's finally done and i'm so proud of myself. currently workin on the button band.

the asymetrical baby sweater is giving me a lil heartache. y? bcuz my gauge is off and the sweater is a lil bigger than its supposed to b. i don't mind the size really. it just means lil miss will have more time to wear it. so i gotta rip out a few rows to bind off the sleeve stitches. once that's done, it'll b smooth sailing.

babygirl's bday is on the 9th. i've decided to buy her a "how to knit" book and some knitting do-dads. i may buy her some yarn too. i wasn't sure what i was going to get her @ first, but after seeing how interested she was in the stuff @ the yarn store, i figured knitting stuff would b the perfect gift. my baby's going to b 10 yrs old. kids grow so fast.


tonite is the last lopi class. the sweater is pretty much done. i still haven't sewn and cut the steeks. i will lata on this week. babygirl is comin to class w/ me. she should get a kick outta lookin @ all the yarn. she'll get a chance to work on her hat too.