i cut my sweater last nite. i was so nervous, i gave myself a headache. it's finally done and i'm so proud of myself. currently workin on the button band.

the asymetrical baby sweater is giving me a lil heartache. y? bcuz my gauge is off and the sweater is a lil bigger than its supposed to b. i don't mind the size really. it just means lil miss will have more time to wear it. so i gotta rip out a few rows to bind off the sleeve stitches. once that's done, it'll b smooth sailing.

babygirl's bday is on the 9th. i've decided to buy her a "how to knit" book and some knitting do-dads. i may buy her some yarn too. i wasn't sure what i was going to get her @ first, but after seeing how interested she was in the stuff @ the yarn store, i figured knitting stuff would b the perfect gift. my baby's going to b 10 yrs old. kids grow so fast.

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