i'm on a mission to find some yarn in burnt orange. it's like that color doesn't exist. tha fair is next weekend. i'm feelin a lil more @ ease since i finally got to sit down w/ tha woman i'll b sharing tha booth w/. she's relieved that tha booth won't b empty. man, it's hard tryin to maintain a bizness while working full time. we're goin to make it happen tho. i counted my hats and i have 32 so far. i wanna up that to 50. i'd like to have a nice amount of bags too. i think i have 6 now. this is goin to b fun. i get to spend tha weekend outdoors -i've neva camped a day in my life - w/ otha artists. my site will b up really soon.


i said i wouldn't knit anything else b4 tha fair, but i couldn't help pickin up my sock. working on tha sock is a de.stresser for me. maybe bcuz it's small and tha onlee thing i can knit w/o lookin. hmmm. happy wednesday!


i re.discovered my squares to tha patchwork bag i started makin so long ago. instead of using 16 squares, i decided to break it down to 8. i get two bags that way. so much needs to b done. i feel a lil stressed. a lot of times i don't even realize i'm stressed until i have a horrendous migraine and my neck/back r full of knots. i'm doin my best not to let it get that bad. i'm back on track w/ tha rambling rows baby jacket. i got stuck on pickin up stitches for tha sleeve. i probably won't finish it for anutha 3 weeks. as much as i'd like to knit right now, i gotta focus on crocheting.


looks like i'll b making a whole bunch of socks. clem tried on tha lonely blue variegated sock and she loved it. then mandara came by and tried it on...she wants a pair. lol. clem thinks i should sell them. i told her i wouldn't bcuz i gotta keep sumthin for myself. i'd give them as gifts to family and friends. she doesn't get it. i tried explainin it to mandara as well. i think she understood, but she had to laugh first. tha fair is in 12 days, i'm a lil nervous.


first sock of tha blue variegated pair is finished....and it fits too!


two words: burley spun. i'm absolutely in love w/ this yarn and it hasn't even made it to tha frenzy yet. i was shown a skein of it and knew i should buy some as soon as tha order came in. it looks like my hair. it looks felted. it looks like my hair. it's groovy...and soft too.
i stayed up late and finished tha tam. it's white w/ a k2p2 ribbing @ tha mouth and it has a couple of rows of purl throughout. it's cool. tha purl stitches add a lil sumthin extra to it. originally i thought i'd use it in tha kool.aid dying workshop next month, but now i'm not so sure. picture soon come. ::: [edit] d pic [/edit]


once again, i went lost my mind in wal.mart... i bought lots of beads. lots. wire cutters silver wire and one skein of yarn i originally went there to buy tha one skein, but i walked by tha beads and got all kinds of ideas.


this is my girl mandara, rockin a hat/scarf set i made for her. i'm still tryin to get tha hang of using my new digi cam. tha picture sizes r huge and i've found myself reducing tha picture size like 3 or 4 times. it's juneteenth weekend. friday, i went to tha celebration and got a lot of knitting done on my sock. yesterday, i sat on a blanket, in tha hot sun and crocheted to my heart's content. i forgot where i was for a bit. that happens when i get into "tha zone". haha. all in all tha weekend has been good. today i'm spending some time w/ my daddy. happy daddy's day to all tha dads out there.


i luv noro's kureyon. if i could wear it all year i would. i have one ball of tha stuff in a blue/green mix that i don't know what to do w/. not much knitting was done yesterday. i bought a digital camera (finally!) and took some pics of a few scarves i had lyin 'round tha apt. this weekend, i'll b busy makin some bags and scarves - more pictures need to b taken. i may even round up a few of my friends and get them to model some stuff. question for tha folks out there that sew (holly?): is there a real simple way to sew linings in bags? can anybody direct me to a website? thanx in advance. work work work. busy busy busy.


i would luv to get my hands on some of this. i think tha frenzy is gettin some. lawd i hope so.


my girl zee told me i was an inspiration to her...since she's known me i've stuck w/ my crochet thang and all she's seen is my growth. that made my day. she recently picked up tha hook, so we r goin to get togetha soon to do some crocheting. we'll have our own s.n.b. i started my third pair of socks. i was gettin impatient w/ pair #2. it's been raining for a week and my feet have been cold, so i bought some sock yarn in a worsted weight so i can knit those puppies w/ a quickness. i find myself jonzin for sock yarn now too. like i really need to buy more yarn. sheesh! i knitted my first choker ... w/ beads too. it's made w/ hemp yarn. i tried gettin tha beads to stagger a lil. it worked for most of tha stitches but then they started to line up. i ripped two rows out and started over and got tha same result. i'm goin to wear it anyway. just gotta keep workin w/ it.


crocheted hemp shoes!
it's on i will b sharing a booth w/ sara @ tha girdwood forest fair. sara is this lovely lady i met 2yrs ago @ a kiosk in tha mall. she worked @ this cute store and sold her crocheted hemp stuff. i went nuts over a hemp bag she made several months ago. anywayz, her girl was @ tha last poetry show and said she was lookin for some ppl to share her booth w/. i gave her my card hoping she would pass it along to sara. she did! i've had to put my knitting down and start crocheting again. i'm excited. and as long as i've lived in anchorage, i've never been to tha forest fair. it should b fun. almost done w/ tha tam. i began work on a muffler for myself. i bought some reynolds lite.lopi in teal. i couldn't help myself. i just had to see how tha color would look against my bamboo needles. pics soon come. i still need to add tha neck/button bands on tha rambling rows baby sweater. i'm goin to make a hat to go w/ it. my biceps r gettin hella big. knitting is a good muscle toner. lol.


i'm looking into gettin a spot in tha wednesday and/or saturday markets. i was mad yesterday 'bout not gettin tha table, but then i laughed bcuz i was stressin out 'bout havin to actually open up my mouth and speak to ppl b4. i'm ready. gotta get my stuff out there. deb and s.dub...thanx for tha suggestions. i appreciate it. i'm currently workin on my last square on tha rambling rows jacket. all that's left r tha sleeves and neck/button bands. cool. i bought some reynolds lite.lopi in teal today. i'm goin to make a scarf w/ it. thinkin i will give it to my bro, but i'll most likely keep it for myself. ha! happy friday!


i won't have a table @ tha next show. ppl don't wanna b solicited. what an ugly word. solicited. we (me and my girls) thought it'd b cool to have tha poets wear my hats. so that's soliciting? i'm really irritated right now. back to square one.


i'm finding a lot of pleasure in knitting socks (even when i work w/ those toothpick sized needles). i'm hooked! tha rambling rows jacket is coming along faster than i anticipated. i hope to b done w/ it by sunday. then i can start on tha next one. not too much goin on. i managed to crochet a hat in between my knitting frenzy. gotta start whippin some hats out for tha next show.


my morning was hectic. i took an early lunch to get away from tha madness. went to tha frenzy thinkin i could regain my sanity. it didn't happen. i started workin on tha third square in tha rambling rows jacket. i had to pick up tha stitches and got totally confused. cleary got me back on track, but i'm still a lil frustrated.


i gave babygirl a knitting lesson. it took her a lil while to get it but she did good.