my girl zee told me i was an inspiration to her...since she's known me i've stuck w/ my crochet thang and all she's seen is my growth. that made my day. she recently picked up tha hook, so we r goin to get togetha soon to do some crocheting. we'll have our own s.n.b. i started my third pair of socks. i was gettin impatient w/ pair #2. it's been raining for a week and my feet have been cold, so i bought some sock yarn in a worsted weight so i can knit those puppies w/ a quickness. i find myself jonzin for sock yarn now too. like i really need to buy more yarn. sheesh! i knitted my first choker ... w/ beads too. it's made w/ hemp yarn. i tried gettin tha beads to stagger a lil. it worked for most of tha stitches but then they started to line up. i ripped two rows out and started over and got tha same result. i'm goin to wear it anyway. just gotta keep workin w/ it.

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