a new scarf

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i treated myself to some of noro's blossom today. i've been secretly coveting it for a long time now and could not resist buying some during my lys end of year sale. i making this scarf with 2x2 ribbing...nothing too fancy.


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here is danica waiting to be blocked.

i made this for my father and originally thought the colors would be a bit much for him, but he looked really pleased when he got it.

made w/ plymouth yarn's galway in navy, dark heathered denim, and heather red.


during my layover a the denver airport (going to dc), i saw dr. cornell west walk by. i really need to read his books.

i also came to the realization that i like taking the "red eye" flights because i am closer to the stars when i fly. it's the most beautiful sight ever.


i heart d.c.

i love d.c. so much that when i leave, sometimes i cry. it's crazy man because i feel like i'm torn between two places. i love alaska, but there is just something about d.c. could it be i feel at home there because my birthplace is near? i had so much fun. i saw a lot of my friends and made some new ones. i am always thankful for these trips because it gives me the opportunity to relax and get my thoughts together.

my spirit is renewed and a sista is happy.

happy holidays.


i am completely hooked on six word story group on flickr.

i'm headed to dc in 24 hrs. since my last post, i've managed to get sick AND the alternator went out in my truck. i'm doing my best to stay stress free (yeah right)and conserve as much energy as possible.

i'm alive. i have my ride, a roof over my head, and my kids are happy and free of illness. i'm grateful. i am.

i do have pictures to post. be on the lookout.
peace. love. blessings.


4 days until i get to hop on a plane. it's a 9 hr flight to the eastcoast (ewww maybe more than that). i'm usually excited to travel, but this time i'm not. there is so much to be done and not enuff time to do it all. the timing couldn't have been more perfect. flying during the holidays is something i have never experienced. my goal is to stay as stress free as possible by bringing lots of knitting, and trying to sleep whenever i can (i have trouble sleeping on planes).

i've got one final today and another on thursday. wish me luck.

have a great day!


my truck was found. in one piece. w/ everything in it. in my effin neighborhood. 3 blocks from my house.

that violated feeling i mentioned before has now set in. i'm angry and i don't feel safe man. i believed i would get it back though. so i'm thankful. i've been giving thanks to the most high all evening.

in knitting news...danica is looking awesome!! i'm using galway in navy, dark denim, and a heathered red. i have to make myself one when i'm finished.
i'm going to bed now. a sista is drained. goodnight.


it could happen to anyone

my truck was stolen today. i went out this morn to warm my truck up...started it and let it run for 15 minutes...unlocked...and someone jumped on the opportunity and drove off. sure, i shouldn't have left it unlocked, but the lock on the driver's side was broken. i don't think it's really settled in yet. i don't have that feeling of being violated, like i did when someone broke into my car a few years back and stole my knitting bag (i was hot!!). i don't know. i just pray my truck is found in one piece. it's crazy how shit happens.

it could be worse. i've been counting my blessings all day. i'm still able to smile. i found a pattern in the new knitty that has me excited to knit (i have to admit i haven't been excited about knitting lately). i decided to make my family members scarves for christmas. danica is going to my daddy. i was a little intimidated by the entrelac technique, but after making a couple of squares i'm relieved to find how easy it is. i'll post pictures of my progress.


miss adara

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this child of mine is growing so fast. i love it, but i also hate it. we don't cuddle as much as we used to, but she does give me kisses whenever i ask and she always tells me how pretty i am.


summer storm

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i miss summer.