4 days until i get to hop on a plane. it's a 9 hr flight to the eastcoast (ewww maybe more than that). i'm usually excited to travel, but this time i'm not. there is so much to be done and not enuff time to do it all. the timing couldn't have been more perfect. flying during the holidays is something i have never experienced. my goal is to stay as stress free as possible by bringing lots of knitting, and trying to sleep whenever i can (i have trouble sleeping on planes).

i've got one final today and another on thursday. wish me luck.

have a great day!


Khem Aua said...

Are you coming to ATL??

Congrats on getting your car back. My Jeep was stolen once and found the next day. I felt so violated.

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Celtic Knitter said...

Have fun!!! Where are you going?