this hat (there's a matching scarf too) was made w/ plymouth yarn's bam!. i love granny squares. i'm hooked i tell ya. i made my first granny square bag saturday. it consists of two large granny squares that was sewn together. it's really cute (pic soon come). babygirl fell in love w/ it when she saw it (u know i have to make her one). anyway, i'm envisioning granny square scarves made w/ lamb's pride. i finished the back to the parallelo sweater last nite. i'm so excited. all that's left is the front and the right sleeve. i luv knitty.


color work in crochet. it's driving me nuts. i'm putting a 3 color vertical stripe in the back of a hat and i can't get it to line up straight. i was told that it probably won't. is that true? 4 inches had to b ripped out of the back of my rebecca sweater. i lost a stitch some kind of way. so i ripped out all of my work and started over. looks like my end of the month deadline will b a "before i go to new york" deadline. i've got a lot of work to do. i bought the crocheter's companion. it'll b very handy. i may need to buy it's mate.


i sewed up the jazz hat using the mattress stitch. y do i luv that stitch so much? haha. i had the first mitten finished but the thumb was all jacked up. the pattern says to knit in st st for 2 1/2 in. that was a mistake. i'm going to rip it all out and redo the mitten in the round. i think it'll look betta (even tho' everything look great except for the thumb). class is tonite. i don't have a clue what we'll b doing since i missed last week's class. my "homework" is finished so i'll b caught up w/ everybody else.


new york, i'm comin to u baby i will b there oct 17-22. i plan on going to redlipstick to see the entries for the hat contest. who else will b there? there r a couple of places i wanna check out. one being habu. the other of course, redlipstick. otha than that, i will b chillin. instead of feeling rushed, i'm going w/ the flow. i'll get to spend some time w/ mandara and get my thoughts in order (big things r to come. i feel it.). i'm almost done w/ the jazz hat. i started on the first mitten. i've never made mittens b4 and i'm making them on straight needles instead of double points. i'm making this set (the pattern comes w/ the yarn) for mandara's moms. i hope she likes.


maybe it's the cooler weather, but i've been buying a lot of wool yarns. a lot. lamb's pride, reynold's lopi, cleckheaton's 8-ply, jamieson's soft spun. the colors grab my attention and the next thing i know, i'm walking out of the store w/ a bag full. haha. i've started buying books too. today, i got little badger knitwear: knitted projects for babies and toddlers. i couldn't help myself. the clothing was way too cute. otha books on my list: vintage knits the twisted sisters sock workbook hip to knit i'll b adding to that list soon. i got this book yesterday bcuz i'm taking the sweater workshop class @ the frenzy. i think it'll really help me w/ designing patterns. i feel so out of the loop when it comes to the latest fall fashions. what r ppl wearing these days? i know extra long scarves r in @ the moment. oh, brown seems to b the new black too. am i missing much?


the parallelo sweater is coming along nicely. i will start work on the back lata on today. i'm determined to have the sweater finished by the end of the month. i'm also on a mission to get to new york next month. i was going to enter the hat contest but i'm starting to have second thoughts. y? bcuz 1. i'm not sure what kind of hat to make and 2. my knitted hat skills aren't the greatest. if i decide not to enter, i will still go to new york to see the entries. currently in the works: crocheting a few scarves to b photographed for the site rambling rows baby jacket - all that needs to b done r the neck/button bands the mate to the teal sock the montera muffler


i love artful yarn's museum. it's big and chunky and knits up really fast. i'll have pictures of the scarf in a couple of days (it's drying right now). i'm stuck once again on the rebecca sweater. i swear this pattern is becoming a bit of a pain. i'm determined to finish it tho. once it's done it'll look fabulous. i may start the seed stitch sweater next. well, i gotta run. i'm volunteering my services @ the frenzy today. i'd rather spend my days there instead of @ the office. have a great day ppls! peace.


the parallelo sweater has all of my attention @ the moment. pics soon come.