maybe it's the cooler weather, but i've been buying a lot of wool yarns. a lot. lamb's pride, reynold's lopi, cleckheaton's 8-ply, jamieson's soft spun. the colors grab my attention and the next thing i know, i'm walking out of the store w/ a bag full. haha. i've started buying books too. today, i got little badger knitwear: knitted projects for babies and toddlers. i couldn't help myself. the clothing was way too cute. otha books on my list: vintage knits the twisted sisters sock workbook hip to knit i'll b adding to that list soon. i got this book yesterday bcuz i'm taking the sweater workshop class @ the frenzy. i think it'll really help me w/ designing patterns. i feel so out of the loop when it comes to the latest fall fashions. what r ppl wearing these days? i know extra long scarves r in @ the moment. oh, brown seems to b the new black too. am i missing much?

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