turned the heel on the second rainbow sock. i want to finish it w/in the next couple of days. can't wait to wear them. today i bought some frou frou yarn. lots of eyelash and some otha stuff i can't describe. i figured buying the yarn would help motivate me to create sumthin new and fresh. kinda tired of making the same ole stuff all of the time. guess i could put a dent in my wool stash (y did i go nuts buying the stuff?) i'm addicted i tell ya. peep the title of this here blog...yarn.fiend. sumthin extra funky will b made w/ my hands this weekend. my sis is working on her stuff. funky throws and sweaters is what she's into. yesterday, she made a bag and a matching cap. i can't wait to see the pictures (she's my guru!). her stuff may pop up on my site. my stomach is growling. all i seem to do these days is sleep and eat. happy friday!


stuff i'm working on cable scarf for my bro. using galway wool (i love this yarn!). scarf for self. using manukau wools charisma and stranding it w/ some kind of ribbon yarn that adds a lil shimmer to it. armwarmers in berroco's plush. this yarn is super soft. gotta get some more of it.


while in ny i told mandara 'bout the vegan fox. she called me yesterday sayin she wanted one. i must admit that it's been on my mind too. i think making it will b a lot of fun. i gotta find the yarn for it. now i'm not really familiar w/ all of the knitting mags and the popular designers that are out there. but can i just say that lily chin's version of the fox is absolutely the most fucked up shit i've ever seen. is it supposed to b a fox? cuz it looks like a dead rat to me. what do u think? the cable scarf is coming along nicely. sakura's earflap hat is done. she probably won't b able to wear it until next winter, but hey, @ least she'll have it. i'm getting geared up to make my new arrival some things. thinkin 'bout tackling one of the blanket patterns in knitting for baby. the felted diaper bag looks tempting too.


currently workin on a scarf w/ cables for my brother. this is my first time doing cables and i must say that i absolutely love doing them. i got a quarter of the scarf done watching harry potter on saturday. a hat will b made to match. pics soon come.


okay, i checked and the gedifra yarn i bought is the carioca. this stuff will make a funky boa. stay tuned.


knitting for baby...this is an awesome book. i want to make everything in this book. currently working on the earflap hat for sakura. that lil girl is going to b hooked up! not a lot of knitting has been going on. the parallelo sweater has been thrown in a bag. i'm still frustrated w/ it. i've got a pair of socks going...a hat...the sweater for the class...i think that's it. i'm going to make a couple of scarves for my sis. one using noro's silk garden. the other using some funky frou frou yarn called gedifra.


the parallelo sweater is giving me the blues. i'm really close to starting the right sleeve, but i've gotten stuck 3 times so far. i've gotten help, but then get home only to realize 1) what was told to me doesn't make sense and 2) i made a goofy mistake somewhere down the line. luckily the mistakes have been easy to fix (but rippin out 3-4 rows to get to the mistakes have been a bitch). so now i'm in the process of joining the front and back togetha. from there i can make the right sleeve. i'll b finished then. i'm so close, yet so far (i know i'm going to get stuck again!). next project to tackle...a lopi sweater! maybe it's the colder weather, but i wanna make a lopi sweater badly. i gotta get my funds togetha so i can make this happen.


here r my first pair of wristwarmers. they're a lil big, but they are comfy. i'm making a second pair now in berroco's plush.