turned the heel on the second rainbow sock. i want to finish it w/in the next couple of days. can't wait to wear them. today i bought some frou frou yarn. lots of eyelash and some otha stuff i can't describe. i figured buying the yarn would help motivate me to create sumthin new and fresh. kinda tired of making the same ole stuff all of the time. guess i could put a dent in my wool stash (y did i go nuts buying the stuff?) i'm addicted i tell ya. peep the title of this here blog...yarn.fiend. sumthin extra funky will b made w/ my hands this weekend. my sis is working on her stuff. funky throws and sweaters is what she's into. yesterday, she made a bag and a matching cap. i can't wait to see the pictures (she's my guru!). her stuff may pop up on my site. my stomach is growling. all i seem to do these days is sleep and eat. happy friday!

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