the parallelo sweater is giving me the blues. i'm really close to starting the right sleeve, but i've gotten stuck 3 times so far. i've gotten help, but then get home only to realize 1) what was told to me doesn't make sense and 2) i made a goofy mistake somewhere down the line. luckily the mistakes have been easy to fix (but rippin out 3-4 rows to get to the mistakes have been a bitch). so now i'm in the process of joining the front and back togetha. from there i can make the right sleeve. i'll b finished then. i'm so close, yet so far (i know i'm going to get stuck again!). next project to tackle...a lopi sweater! maybe it's the colder weather, but i wanna make a lopi sweater badly. i gotta get my funds togetha so i can make this happen.

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