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did you know that september is national sewing month? i've decided to take advantage and work on my sewing skills during that time. i've had several projects lined up for quite some time now. i can't wait to start.

i've been thinking a lot about clothing (and overconsumption and how to spend less money, etc) and how disposable it's become over the years. it seems like i can't have a shirt that doesn't have a hole in it after a couple of washings. ridiculous i say! not to mention, unacceptable. i deserve to have clothing that is made well. my children deserve to have clothing that is made well. i really want to hone my sewing skills so i can make my own clothes. my mama did it for the longest (i have memories of this amazing dress she made for my preschool graduation. i gotta find the pictures). i recently hemmed some jeans i bought and felt so empowered! i feel like a million bucks everytime i wear them.

a dream project of mine: make a pair of jeans that fit me p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

i feel a social experiment coming on. i'll keep you posted.

enjoy your weekend. hug a loved one (or a random person on a street!).


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one: my classes are filled with a bunch of 18 year olds.
two: my biz, b.flywears has gotten off to a good start. i've been getting continuous orders from ppl i met two months ago. i'm so happy about that, but at the same time i wonder when will i have time to make new stuff for the holidays (i'm doing two big holiday festivals in oct & nov.
three: yoga. i love it so much (when i do it). i've started practicing again. my calves and hips are a little sore today. i'm so dis.connected from my body. poses i love - warrior and all of it's variations, downward dog. poses that need work - child's and triangle.
four: lil miss told me she's "allergic of ppl". ain't that some isht?

hope your day is a good one.


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the minisweater/boobholder is complete. i pulled carla out of the closet and sewed her up (i hate the way she looks on me, but at least she's done now). now i'm making this. it's a pretty cool pattern and fairly simple to do. i think i'm going to make it two colors because i don't have another skein of yarn to complete it. i'm also trying to use what i already have.

my first day of class is tonite. i'm excited. this week will be about becoming organized. basically creating meal plans, cleaning up the house, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

enjoy the day. give somebody a hug. they may need it.



last nite, i held the most content baby. she was absolutely beautiful. i had forgotten what babies smell like. she had the softest hair and cooed everytime i spoke to her. i hope that the creator blesses me with one more. i really would love lil miss to have a younger sibling.



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i spent 20 minutes looking for a lone spool of red hemp twine. i'm in the process of completing a special order and was sweating bullets because i could not find the red twine. i finally found it. not in the bin marked hemp/cotton, but in a random bag filled w/ wool. ugggggghhhh!! the frustration of it all. i guess it's time to reorganize my yarn stash again.

since i was tearing my house up trying to find the hemp, i managed to pull out all of my unfinished projects. i'm determined to finish everything. some things have been sitting for 3-4 years and that's not acceptable.

currently in love with:
gaslamp killer's kobwebs (find him on myspace)
new old navy jeans that i hemmed myself (i felt so empowered after doing it!)
my sewing machine (we're getting to know each other well)
my late blooming zinnia's i planted back in june.

blessings, j


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i feel betta today. i talked things out with a friend and i did some yoga. i love yoga. i'm committing myself to practicing three times a week.


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stress. it's a bitch!

i'm going back to school and it starts next monday. i'm registered and ready to go but have some financial aid issues to work out. *sigh* my kids are driving me crazy...lil miss is in this whining/bossy stage that i can't stand and babygirl? don't get me started with her. she's a teen. i'll leave it at that.

calgon, take me away. PLEASE!

i got my ravelry invite and it came right on time. since being apart of the community, my want need to knit has returned. i haven't done any knitting in quite some time and now i want to complete all of my unfinished projects. i'm 95% done with the minisweater/boobholder and i have a few more projects lined up after i'm done.

i realized last nite that i just have to knit. i do. it's the one thing that brings any sort of peace in my life. pictures to come in a week or so. a sista is without an internet connection at home. *sigh!!*

blessed love.


looks like the rain has stopped. i've been thinking about what i'm going to cook for dinner tonite. i've decided on tomtato soup and grilled cheese sammiches. it's perfect for this weather and will rid me of the chills i've been having all day. fall is right around the corner.

i'm looking forward to the upcoming season, but a little sad because i don't have time to make myself any new wooly goodness to wear. lil miss will be getting a new sweater though (i'm so behind on making her stuff).

ooh! looks like the sun is trying to come out. i'm going home.
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i've lost two more pounds. that brings the total to 8lbs. lost. wow! it really amazes me how just cutting out junkfood makes a difference.


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i still have a lot of thoughts running thru my head. the main thing i guess is being healthy. healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. i've been thinking about opening up queen afua's sacred woman and really sit down and work on the exercises she provides. i feel healing my womb to be essential at this point. i want to be as strong as possible. to the few of you that read this blog...have you read sacred woman? did you do the work involved? what are your thoughts on it?


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i've got so much inside me right now. i feel like i'm going to explode.

today, i reclaim my power.
i am beautiful. i am lovable. i deserve all blessings the most high bestows upon me. most definitely.

i got some sun on saturday. my skin is glowing.

today i reclaim my body.
i go back and forth between eating right and consuming a bunch of junk. i definitely SEE the difference in how i deal with things physically & mentally after i've eaten a bunch of junk. i found this quote today on omidele's blog...

do you love who you want to be enough to give up who you are?

heavy, right?

my thoughts are moving in a 1000 directions at the moment. i'll continue this later.

have a wonderful day.
love & light.


my latest favorites

my latest favorites
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color is an inspiration these days.

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my little girl brings so much laughter to my life. she coaxed me out of the house to inspect our raspberry bush for ripe raspberries (we found some and they were yummy btw). we ended up staying outside for a while and i took some pics.


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she's my partner. mos' definitely.

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i am:
seriously craving a new tattoo.
thinking about him.
wishing i could be home.
really lovin' common's new cd.
ready to go back to girdwood.


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the sun is shining. i think i may take lil miss to the park tonite. i don't do that as much as i should. it's chilly in the mornings. all i can think is...summer's almost over.

i'm tired. been talkin' to vendors on the phone all day.

have a good one.


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today, i was reminded that i'm on the right path. for that, i am thankful.


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"i want somebody to walk up behind me and kiss me on my neck"-erykah badu

last nite i sat up thinking about where my special someone was. is he out there? i really love the place i'm in...single and being a mom. but at some point i would like to be in a loving, supportive relationship with an awesome man (i've been saying awesome a lot lately). i want 45 yrs of wedded bliss like my moms and daddy.

last nite was one of those nites where i wished i had a pair of strong arms wrapped around me & my lion telling me about his day.

one day.


the new common cd is pretty decent. i'm enjoying it a lot more than 'be'.