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i spent 20 minutes looking for a lone spool of red hemp twine. i'm in the process of completing a special order and was sweating bullets because i could not find the red twine. i finally found it. not in the bin marked hemp/cotton, but in a random bag filled w/ wool. ugggggghhhh!! the frustration of it all. i guess it's time to reorganize my yarn stash again.

since i was tearing my house up trying to find the hemp, i managed to pull out all of my unfinished projects. i'm determined to finish everything. some things have been sitting for 3-4 years and that's not acceptable.

currently in love with:
gaslamp killer's kobwebs (find him on myspace)
new old navy jeans that i hemmed myself (i felt so empowered after doing it!)
my sewing machine (we're getting to know each other well)
my late blooming zinnia's i planted back in june.

blessings, j

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