listening to: smooth my heart.cree summer

i've got so much inside me right now. i feel like i'm going to explode.

today, i reclaim my power.
i am beautiful. i am lovable. i deserve all blessings the most high bestows upon me. most definitely.

i got some sun on saturday. my skin is glowing.

today i reclaim my body.
i go back and forth between eating right and consuming a bunch of junk. i definitely SEE the difference in how i deal with things physically & mentally after i've eaten a bunch of junk. i found this quote today on omidele's blog...

do you love who you want to be enough to give up who you are?

heavy, right?

my thoughts are moving in a 1000 directions at the moment. i'll continue this later.

have a wonderful day.
love & light.

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TruEssence said...

Sis I was where you are at a couple of weeks ago. Actually I am always reflecting. That quote is heavy, interesting I just wrote a poem about it during the time I was reflecting on things in my life, which was like I said two weeks ago. Meditate on those thoughts sis... it is always good to do headwork right?

Oh and I loved your declaration, everything you said is peace and the truth! Continued elevation sistah!:)