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i still have a lot of thoughts running thru my head. the main thing i guess is being healthy. healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. i've been thinking about opening up queen afua's sacred woman and really sit down and work on the exercises she provides. i feel healing my womb to be essential at this point. i want to be as strong as possible. to the few of you that read this blog...have you read sacred woman? did you do the work involved? what are your thoughts on it?


Brittany said...

I have actually read "Sacred Woman". It was awhile ago though, and a lot of the details are hazy, but I remember liking a lot of her ideas. If I remember correctly that was the book that gave me the idea to be silent -- like a fast from speaking. It also noted waking up earlier than necessary to get yourself centered and ready for the day. I believe that's also the one that talked about black women and the effects that dairy products have on our bodies. Hopefully, I am not completely getting my books confused. Anyway, I did incorporate some of her ideas into my life, and they have worked well. Especially the just learning to be quiet and still thing -- that helps tremendously when I am having a hard time with life. I never could get with the no dairy thing even though I suspect that her ideas about it and the prevalence of dieases of the womb are spot on.

TruEssence said...

Scared Woman is a book I have been reading for years. Everytime I read it I find enlightenment. I have did the work involved and I continue to do the work. I even started a small Scared Womb Circle consisting of family members. For me it is very important to take care of myself. I love the excercises! I incorparate them with the yoga that I do everyday. Scared Woman is such a strong guide to understanding myself and my body.

I understand your reflections sis and I think you should definitely get into the book. You will definitely find what you need in it.:)