daddy's watchcap is finished. i think it'll b a lil big now. lol. i used a size 9 needle w/ the bulky yarn and i now know that was enuff to alter the size. but what i also did was add several more rows. big mistake. i'll have him try it on tonite. i have taken on anutha project. a rambling rows afghan. my boss is retiring in may and i wanted to make her sumthin nice. my coworkers and i r planning a big retirement party for her and i mentioned i wanted to make her sumthin. a few ppl said they would pitch in to buy the yarn. of course i couldn't wait, so i went ahead and picked out the colors and got started. 4 squares were made over the weekend. working on the 5th one now. life has become quite interesting lately. my body is changing rapidly and i'm seeing things for what they really are. some days i'm sad bcuz of it, otha days i feel empowered. knitting has helped me get my brains togetha. it really has. now all i have to do is sign up for a yoga class.


lamb's pride bulky is so yummy. i'm making my daddy's second watchcap in this stuff and it's absolutely groovy. the parallelo and seed stitch sweater is being made w/ it as well. i'm hooked.


i've started a zillion scarves since october. i haven't finished one of them. it's driving me nuts cuz i know they will just sit in my ufo basket until next winter. i was really hoping to have my lopi scarf done. it's a simple garter stitch scarf on size 13 needles. it's going have blocks of grass green and celery green throughout. it should b really cute once i'm done. once i'm done! arghhh! the parallelo is moving slower than i expected. i forgot that when i got stuck i had worked 35in of half fisherman's rib and b4 i can progress to the bind off and the right sleeve, my sweater has to measure 44in. i've been striving for that 44in mark for 3 or 4 days now. i'm going to lose it if i don't get there soon. i think have 4 more inches to go. i'm learning patience @ this point. i decided to take a break from selling stuff for a lil while. i've gotten burned out from all the crocheting. i wanna make stuff for me again. i wanna get outta this slump and b creative again. i'm lookin forward to my break. i really am. the site needs revamping. i gotta get my brains togetha and figure out what i wanna do w/ it. happy knitting (and crocheting) to you all!


i gave my daddy the marsan watchcap and it was a lil small. i was a lil disappointed, but now i know what needs to b done. somebody is going to get that hat. daddy will get a new one and it will fit. i need to get my hands on invisible elastic thread. i'd like to knit some more tams and i think the thread will keep the shape @ the mouth of the crown. where can i find this? joann's?


i'm really excited! y? cuz i made staceyjoy's marsan watchcap and it came out perfectly! woohoo! i'm going to give it to my daddy. i've never made him anything b4. while spending 6 hrs @ the yarn store yesterday, i got help w/ the parallelo sweater so i'm now back on track w/ that. i also picked up the rambling rows afghan pattern. i've been wanting to make one ever since i saw shobhana's. i'm currently deciding on colors cuz this gem will b for my new baby. thinkin 'bout making myself a few pairs of socks for my hospital stay (gotta use up my stash of sock yarn) and making him a hat to go home in. i'm going to have a lot of fun over the next several months. i will post pics of the hat as soon as it dries.


i'm in luv! debbie bliss has a new book out for babies. i'm kinda hoping i have a girl now after seeing her kimono and pants set. then there's a kaftan in there too w/ beautiful embroidery. i have to make both of these things. i'm going to have nuttin but "knit for baby" books all over my apt. just watch!


this year i will play w/ freeform crochet/knitting. i finished a hat for the elementid one. i pray it fits. *smile*. now i gotta get busy on some stuff for my sister's trunk show (which is next saturday). i gotta get my butt in gear man. i wish i didn't live so far away. being in alaska sucks during times like this. i feel like i'm in anutha country sometimes. shoot, a lot of ppl think alaska isn't apart of the u.s. anyway... knitted items in the works: up country mittens - cable scarf - seed stitch sweater crocheted items in the works: multi.colored crown - baby blanket hope everyone has a great day.


while waitin for my last load of clothes to dry and watching kama sutra, i decided to make anutha pair of mittens. it was extremely cold yesterday and my fingers were frozen @ the tips (and i was wearing gloves). so i broke out a skein of patons up country and started knittin away. i managed to get half of the mitten done. using bulky yarn is the greatest. stuff gets made almost instantly...k, maybe not instantly, but it's pretty damn fast.


happy new year! ahhh, things have been quite uneventful for me. i'm diligently working on the seed stitch sweater. the boa is put on hold until i can find the last ball of casca (it's probably buried in my yarn basket). and my bro's scarf is put on hold until i can find my cable needle. *frown* thanx bonne marie and empress for hookin me up w/ those watch cap links. ---since i've changed to layout, i've gotten rid of the comments and added a tag board.