daddy's watchcap is finished. i think it'll b a lil big now. lol. i used a size 9 needle w/ the bulky yarn and i now know that was enuff to alter the size. but what i also did was add several more rows. big mistake. i'll have him try it on tonite. i have taken on anutha project. a rambling rows afghan. my boss is retiring in may and i wanted to make her sumthin nice. my coworkers and i r planning a big retirement party for her and i mentioned i wanted to make her sumthin. a few ppl said they would pitch in to buy the yarn. of course i couldn't wait, so i went ahead and picked out the colors and got started. 4 squares were made over the weekend. working on the 5th one now. life has become quite interesting lately. my body is changing rapidly and i'm seeing things for what they really are. some days i'm sad bcuz of it, otha days i feel empowered. knitting has helped me get my brains togetha. it really has. now all i have to do is sign up for a yoga class.

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