listening: turiyah and ramakrishna.alice coltrane (r.i.p.)

this month's focus has been about managing my time better. still working on developing morning and evening routines...feels like a neverending process.

i'm creating on a regular basis now. that hasn't happened since before i became pregnant with my little one. it feels good and i'm striving to achieve goals for myself. i'm going to be selling my wears at an event in march. it's been a while since i've sold anything or even thought about starting my business again. i've got a lot of things planned for this year. it's only the beginning.

shout out to all my friends who are going after their dreams. your hard work inspires and motivates.


listening: i need love.robin thicke

that song is so...ummm. it's nice.

the day has been somewhat productive. i got up early and saw my chiropractor (yes! napoleon dynamite stylee) then had lunch with a friend (if ya ever in anchorage, check out club paris. good eats man). i came home and cleaned my kitchen. i'm feeling the urge to cook a little something, but i'm not sure what.

just put the little one to bed and man it was not easy. she's at a stage i'm so not feeling...whining and crying for every. little. thing. hopefully, she'll sleep peacefully. that's something i pray for every nite.

i think i'm going to watch a flick or two and give myself a pedicure. i'm just gonna lounge (and do some knitting in meantime) and let robin sing to me some more.


must. knit. more. socks.


random thoughts

-i need to see my chiropractor...like yesterday. i've been stretching and doing yoga hoping the knot in my back will work its way out. so far it's not happening.

-2006. what a blur. i do know that i ended the year a different person. i've learned a lot about my self.

-2007 is all about getting my "sexy" on. re.discovering my woman self is in full effect. i'm having fun playing with my wardrobe. i might even flirt a little in the process. i really don't know how to talk to men. i can be a real goof sometimes.

- i need to connect more with people.

- i also need to take more time to update this blog on a regular basis.

- chivalry is not dead.


happy new year!

scarf3, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

this is another danica scarf. i made one for my daddy last christmas and have finally made one for myself. the colors in it make me happy.

i've been doing a lot of reflecting and overall 2006 was a decent year. i'm going to make 2007 even better and use the lessons i've learned over the last 12 months to get me through.

hope your new year got off to a great start.