listening: i need love.robin thicke

that song is so...ummm. it's nice.

the day has been somewhat productive. i got up early and saw my chiropractor (yes! napoleon dynamite stylee) then had lunch with a friend (if ya ever in anchorage, check out club paris. good eats man). i came home and cleaned my kitchen. i'm feeling the urge to cook a little something, but i'm not sure what.

just put the little one to bed and man it was not easy. she's at a stage i'm so not feeling...whining and crying for every. little. thing. hopefully, she'll sleep peacefully. that's something i pray for every nite.

i think i'm going to watch a flick or two and give myself a pedicure. i'm just gonna lounge (and do some knitting in meantime) and let robin sing to me some more.


Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, glad to see you're still around and haven't taken me off your blog list :)

Just checking in and sayin' hi! I've been off for just a bit. :)

kellz said...

hey butta,
i feel you on robin thicke. this was ,my pick for the week.

how's the weather in alaska?

i hope all is well. top by!


Divineladi said...

Robin is one artist that everyone looked over last year. Great CD! You sell some cool stuff at the craft fairs!