license plate wisdom for today...UZTH4C


it's that time of year again. the leaves are changing and the temps are dropping. my hair is so dry right now, that i feel like nothing can save it. i really need to get my hands on a good hot oil treatment.

taking time out to give thanks. i'm amazed at how at peace i feel. there's still a lot of stress in my life, but i feel light...not worried. always in transition...



i don't know what i'd do without music. good, beat knockin, make your shoulders bounce in your ride, kind of music. thank you keyote for blessing me with your works.

i just bought sew u, a new book from built by wendy designer wendy mullin. i love it. so far, the instructions are easy to understand and she includes a lot of helpful tips AND three of her simplicity patterns. i have spent the week actively getting to know my sewing machine. i'm going to clean it up and oil it this weekend (i've had my machine 3 years and have never done that).

fall is in the air. i'm in the process of finishing all of my unfinished projects (4 baskets worth). it's going slower than i'd like, but i'm just happy to be working on them.

i'm off to eat some dinner. love.


fall is in full effect. i've been busily making socks for lil miss. she started preschool and is doing excellent. we also tackled potty training. i don't think i ever want to go thru that again. wow.

anyway, i've been busy decluttering my house. i always try and declutter, but get overwhelmed in the middle of it. so, in the end i never finish. but i've got a system now and it's working!

been thinking about a lot of things...the plight of the single mama, love, relationships, who i am, etc. life is...blessed.


the dress

Jackie As Marilyn2, originally uploaded by butta.fly.

i found this dress after trying on 30. it took me four days, but i found it.

i felt absolutely glamorous and the wedding was wonderful. it was truly a magical day.