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this is one of the neckwarmer/cowl things i've been making lately. you can wear it like a hood or around your neck. it definitely keeps the ears warm.

so i'm feeling a little better these days. i'm working on building up my confidence...figuring out how to love me and all of my flaws.>

this month, i've had four sales off of my etsy site. two of those were for custom orders. i'm putting some crazy energy out into the universe to sell lots at two upcoming craft fairs. so much needs to be done in the next two weeks. i can't believe this month is over already.

must order more labels. gotta find mannequin heads to use for displays. and i most definitely need to smile more! i haven't had a good laugh in a couple of weeks. it seems like an eternity.

creator, guide and protect me during these trying times.

oh by the way...lil miss is feeling better. my favorite part of the day is hearing about what she ate for lunch and snack at school. she gets really excited about it.

i was tagged by cici to post 7 random things about me. i will do that later on tonite.


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i was able to get a little knitting done this weekend. i'm trying to use up my leftover yarn, so i made two neckwarmers. i'm hoping to have them in the shop by thursday.

lil miss had a crazy high fever on saturday. by sunday afternoon she was up running around and ready to hit the streets. she also three helpings of dinner. i was stunned. i need to learn more about homeopathic medicine because there's nothing worse than feeling helpless when your child is sick.

happy moonday. hope it's a good one.


master cleanse, day four: aaaaaaand i'm done.

i broke my fast around 6pm yesterday. i was terribly cold and overall felt like crap. i’m going to find a different detox to do. one that involves veggies and fruits.

i don't feel the urge to consume sweets and snacks. i'm a sugar junkie. today, i'm starting fresh.

we got some snow today. i was actually kinda happy about it.

tomorrow, i'm going to a time management workshop being hosted by franklin covey (dot com). i am really excited about because time management is something i'm not that great with.

the week is almost over. woo! has it been good to you so far?


still listening to: madlib!

master cleanse, day three: my day started off okay and then i got real grumpy around lunch time. i started to question why i was doing this in the first place. i'm cool now, but i'm tired. i would really like to take a nap, but i gotta head to class. i've got a midterm in one class. i'm not really looking forward to it, because i'm not prepared.

trying to be more mindful of my thoughts/words (it's hard though!).

more later.

i'm home from school. my day brightened up when i found out i got into my school's annual craft fair. bflyears is now in three shows for the holiday season. i've already exceeded my goals for the year. yeah!


listening to: enter...hot curry.madlib

i heart madlib. i got beat konducta vol 3 & 4: in india and i'm loving everything i'v heard so far.

master cleanse, day two: i got a late start on drinking the lemonade today. i had to go out today for a few hours and made enough lemonade to take with me. i think i’ve only had 4 glasses today.

i’ve got a lot of work to do tonite, but i’m exhausted. that’s one thing i’ve noticed while doing the cleanse. i’ll have a lot of energy during the day, but as soon as 7pm hits i’m tired. i will be going to bed early tonite.

i’m not really hungry and feel like i can do the full 10 days with no problem.


while doing this cleanse, i plan on cleaning out everything in my environment - people, things, old habits, negative thinking, etc.

tomorrow's a new day. i'm looking forward to it.
hope your day was great. be blessed.


listening to: emcee murdah.k-os

today is day one of the master cleanse. i'm a little tired, but have spent the day catching up on housework. i hope to accomplish a lot during the next nine days.


listening to: lay me down.will.i.am f. terry dexter

i think i'm going to bake salmon for dinner tonite. lil miss loooooves salmon. i haven't really cooked much of anything in the last couple of days and i'm starting to feel like crap. when i cook, i feel like i've gained some type of control over my life. does that sound weird?

i'm going to start the master cleanse on saturday. it'll be my second time doing it. i was amazed at the results the last time and think it's necessary for the changing of the seasons.
i've been feeling a little down. can't help but feel like i'm not doing a good job parenting my children. especially my oldest. that girl is putting me through it and it's only the beginning. it really sucks that i never had the necessary support from her father or his family. now the shit is hittin' the fan i'm the only one trying to do something about it. *sigh*

lil miss tells me almost everyday that i'm a good mom (which is always after i give her a banana, or raisins, or surprise her w/ a fruit roll up lol). i'm doing the best i can do. i know that.

a friend told me once, that no matter what happens, i gotta have beautiful days. i keep that with me.

anyway, i try not to get too personal on this spot, but i had to let that out.

have a beautiful day y'all.


it's not lookin' good outside. it's cold today and i walked out the door with no socks on. i'm bundled up otherwise. it's been an ass-backwards day, lemme tell ya.

weekend haps: HOMEWORK! i've gotten behind in my writing class. i gotta somehow fit knitting into the mix too, cuz i've got custom orders to complete. still trying to figure out how to balance everything (especially with craft shows & midterms coming soon).

wondering what lil miss and i are going to do. she is starting to notice the seasons changing. with fall/winter comes the longer periods of darkness. when we left the house this morning she said, "mom it's not wake up time yet! it's still bedtime!" i couldn't agree more. she's battling pink eye at the moment. it has spread from one eye to the other. how can you explain pink eye to a four year old? "get your hands outta your eyes and go wash your hands!" has become a mantra of sorts.


i really need a pencil skirt in my life. a cute pair of boots would be nice too.


goodness is jerk tofu with kale greens. that's my lunch today and it's oh so yummy. jerk is my new favorite marinade. thanks j for bringing it into my life. so what i've been doing is marinading my tofu in a mix of jerk and worcestershire sauce. after about 30 minutes or so (sometimes a lot less depending on how hungry i am), i throw my tofu chunks on my george foreman grill. i then let it cook until it's nice and brown. then to add a little sweetness to all of the spice in the jerk, i drizzle honey on top. i can't get enough of the stuff.

i may make j's curry tofu tonite. now that's some heavenly goodness too.

is it fall in your neck of the woods yet?


i love green

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just added to the shop.

it's made with a mix of green yarns - celery, granny smith, dark khaki, and a brown heather. it's very warm and one of my fav-o-rites.

i did alright at the fair. i'm excited though because i met another single mama doing her thing. we talked about other shows and ways i could get my works out there. i'm very thankful i met her. anyway, the ladies i was sharing the booth with invited me to do the next fair with them (which is one of the big holiday fairs in town!). i gotta keep the momentum going ya know.

listening to: all i.jill scott

have a great day.
peace. love. blessings.


listening to: whenever you're around.jill scott

have you heard the new jill scott cd? i haven't listened to the whole thing, but so far i'm happy. you go jill.

it's been raining a lot. the snow is coming further and further down the mountains each day. soon, it'll be on the ground. we usually get our first dusting around halloween. i'm prepared though. i've got scarves and cowls (i really love making cowls-why hadn't i started sooner?).

the fair started today. two ladies i met at the forest fair invited me to add my wears to their booth. i'm so grateful to them. i had to work today and my babysitting situation didn't work out for the evening, so they have been selling my stuff for me. i gotta give them a little token of my appreciation. they said it was slow today, but tomorrow is going to be a killer. i'm looking forward to it.

once i leave work, i think i will hit some thrift stores. i gotta find a coat rack to display my scarves on. scarves are the hardest thing to display (in my opinion).

looks like the clouds are coming back. that means more rain. have a good weekend.


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the craft fair starts tomorrow. i'm sorta freakin' out about it. it's my first holiday fair and it dawned on me that maybe i should have holiday decorations. maybe i should have gift bags or boxes to give with each purchase? it's funny cuz i'm not even into the holidays. i don't even think about christmas until a few days before. anyway, i don't think i'm really prepared but at this point all i can do is enjoy the experience.

it will work out. it always does.

i'm really excited about my business though. i just purchased my license, i'm advertising like crazy. THIS. IS. REAL. SHIT.

the business class i'm taking is helping a lot too. my professor is so dope (yes, i said dope). he talks about sun tzu's art of war all the time. BUSINESS IS WAR! IF YOU ARE GOING TO GET INTO BUSINESS, THEN BE PREPARED TO FIGHT! i just wanna jump and scream HELL YEAH!! this is a good time. i'm learning a lot about my SELF.

have a blessed day y'all.


favorites = inspiration

favorites = inspiration
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my latest favorites from flickr...

i am really enjoying cooking these days. last nite, babygirl and i made falafel. we discovered lil miss likes hummus. she couldn't get enough of it. hummus has become my comfort food of choice. i spread it on toast and i'm in heaven.

etsy. i am completely addicted to the site. between reading the etsy forums and craft, inc, i'm beginning to think about my business differently. this is an exciting time! there are a couple of months left in the year and i'm going to make the most of it.