listening to: enter...hot curry.madlib

i heart madlib. i got beat konducta vol 3 & 4: in india and i'm loving everything i'v heard so far.

master cleanse, day two: i got a late start on drinking the lemonade today. i had to go out today for a few hours and made enough lemonade to take with me. i think i’ve only had 4 glasses today.

i’ve got a lot of work to do tonite, but i’m exhausted. that’s one thing i’ve noticed while doing the cleanse. i’ll have a lot of energy during the day, but as soon as 7pm hits i’m tired. i will be going to bed early tonite.

i’m not really hungry and feel like i can do the full 10 days with no problem.


while doing this cleanse, i plan on cleaning out everything in my environment - people, things, old habits, negative thinking, etc.

tomorrow's a new day. i'm looking forward to it.
hope your day was great. be blessed.

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