i am really enjoying cooking these days. last nite, babygirl and i made falafel. we discovered lil miss likes hummus. she couldn't get enough of it. hummus has become my comfort food of choice. i spread it on toast and i'm in heaven.

etsy. i am completely addicted to the site. between reading the etsy forums and craft, inc, i'm beginning to think about my business differently. this is an exciting time! there are a couple of months left in the year and i'm going to make the most of it.



Nettie said...

So you feel the Craft Inc. book is a worthwhile purchase? I was on the fence about buying it.

Necia said...


Hummus is one of the staple foods in my household. I make it weekly. All varieties too. Are you making yours, or buying it, cause if you're buying you should be making. So easy, cheaper, and the taste is very authentic with such simple ingredients. Let me know if you want the recipe.


chanecia at gmail dot com

Faith said...

just browsing through alaskan blogs for fellow knitters - found you & saw the link to etsy. looks really cool! plus, you're making me so hungry for hummus & falafels...