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the craft fair starts tomorrow. i'm sorta freakin' out about it. it's my first holiday fair and it dawned on me that maybe i should have holiday decorations. maybe i should have gift bags or boxes to give with each purchase? it's funny cuz i'm not even into the holidays. i don't even think about christmas until a few days before. anyway, i don't think i'm really prepared but at this point all i can do is enjoy the experience.

it will work out. it always does.

i'm really excited about my business though. i just purchased my license, i'm advertising like crazy. THIS. IS. REAL. SHIT.

the business class i'm taking is helping a lot too. my professor is so dope (yes, i said dope). he talks about sun tzu's art of war all the time. BUSINESS IS WAR! IF YOU ARE GOING TO GET INTO BUSINESS, THEN BE PREPARED TO FIGHT! i just wanna jump and scream HELL YEAH!! this is a good time. i'm learning a lot about my SELF.

have a blessed day y'all.

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