still listening to: madlib!

master cleanse, day three: my day started off okay and then i got real grumpy around lunch time. i started to question why i was doing this in the first place. i'm cool now, but i'm tired. i would really like to take a nap, but i gotta head to class. i've got a midterm in one class. i'm not really looking forward to it, because i'm not prepared.

trying to be more mindful of my thoughts/words (it's hard though!).

more later.

i'm home from school. my day brightened up when i found out i got into my school's annual craft fair. bflyears is now in three shows for the holiday season. i've already exceeded my goals for the year. yeah!

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TruEssence said...

Good luck on your midterm sis and congrats on booking three shows!