master cleanse, day four: aaaaaaand i'm done.

i broke my fast around 6pm yesterday. i was terribly cold and overall felt like crap. i’m going to find a different detox to do. one that involves veggies and fruits.

i don't feel the urge to consume sweets and snacks. i'm a sugar junkie. today, i'm starting fresh.

we got some snow today. i was actually kinda happy about it.

tomorrow, i'm going to a time management workshop being hosted by franklin covey (dot com). i am really excited about because time management is something i'm not that great with.

the week is almost over. woo! has it been good to you so far?

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cici said...

wow that's interesting I have been the master cleanse off and on for a couple of years... this past week I only made it 4 days.. Now I am back to juicing, but I seriously have the taste for potatoes chips and cheese. I think I will get back on track on monday. Nice to know someone else does it,.. thanks,,over all I love how my body feels when I do the cleanse.