Easter 2006

Easter 2006, originally uploaded by butta.fly.


got gmail?

i have some gmail invites available...more than i know what to do with actually. if ya interested give me your e.mail addy and i'll send you one.

y'all i am on a mission to lose 75lbs. yep, ya read correctly...75lbs. when i tell ppl that, all i hear is "that's a lot" or "are you sure that's not too much?" well, it took me 8 years to put on all of this weight, so it's time to get rid of it. my health is on the line and i'm tired of looking at a closet full of clothes that don't fit (really cute clothes!). i re-joined the gym yesterday...got my sweat on today. it's most definitely on!!

babygirl is turning 13 on sunday. it's trippin me out man. lil miss is talking a mile a minute. she brings smiles to our face everyday.

check out twinkie chan. her crocheted scarves are bananas (lol!).

right now, it's all about:
my cypress hair oil
lil miss singing "orange moon"
downward facing dog
think and grow rich
warmer days


i have spent the last five days in the middle of nowhere, amongst the deer, squirrels, cardinals, woodpeckers, and rabbits. breathing west virginian air did a sista good. my mind is clear and i feel at peace. lots of things have been going on in my life since my last post. the universe is basically hitting me over the head with a cast iron skillet and i'm finally ready to handle business and do what's best for me. this might sound vague, but just know i am well.