got gmail?

i have some gmail invites available...more than i know what to do with actually. if ya interested give me your e.mail addy and i'll send you one.

y'all i am on a mission to lose 75lbs. yep, ya read correctly...75lbs. when i tell ppl that, all i hear is "that's a lot" or "are you sure that's not too much?" well, it took me 8 years to put on all of this weight, so it's time to get rid of it. my health is on the line and i'm tired of looking at a closet full of clothes that don't fit (really cute clothes!). i re-joined the gym yesterday...got my sweat on today. it's most definitely on!!

babygirl is turning 13 on sunday. it's trippin me out man. lil miss is talking a mile a minute. she brings smiles to our face everyday.

check out twinkie chan. her crocheted scarves are bananas (lol!).

right now, it's all about:
my cypress hair oil
lil miss singing "orange moon"
downward facing dog
think and grow rich
warmer days


Celtic Knitter said...

Good luck with the weight loss!! I'm also trying to lose some weight that I put on slowly over about 5 years (while I was a teacher!!!) I feel your pain :)

kellz said...

hey fly butta,
got a glimpse of your myspace page. COOL!! i just came up on it from another page.

i feel on the craisins...i have a bag at home and at work in my desk. so good...

i wish you well with your weight loss...

holla when time permits...


Lolly said...

Best of luck to you!! I am on the same path - have been for 2 months. It's all about mind/body - psych yourself up and it will happen!! I am rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

whatever you do, DON'T WEIGHT YOURSELF.
muscle weights more than fat.
throw that scale out and go by how your clothes fit.
if you miss a work out day, make sure you go the next day. sometimes you'll want to blow off a session. just make up for it the next day.
hang in there. you'll be fine!
: )

PurlyQueen said...

Go for it! The hardest part of losing weight is at the beginning when you stare at the scales in disbelief that things have gotten so out of control.
But you will feel so much better once you take charge of your food and exercise that even the most hard-fought pound of weight loss will feel amazing because you know you are in control.
And just think of all those cute clothes you'll just have to buy!
Best wishes from London!